Plan an Adult-Only Getaway to Tonga

The “adult-only island escape” is a travel trend you see more and more in the South Pacific. After all, who really wants their afternoons sitting in the sun and drinking cocktails to the soundtrack of child tantrums? Plus, with epic whale swimming and scuba diving experiences best suited to those who can, indeed, swim without armbands, it could easily be argued that for destinations like Tonga, you’ll probably make the most of it without little ones. On the flip side, if you’ve escaped life without having your own little devils and aren’t too keen to be around other people’s, then there are several ways to enjoy an adult-only stay in Tonga. We’ll guide you through it, island group-by-island group, in this adult-only guide to Tonga.

Things to Do on an Adults-Only Trip to Tonga

  • Snorkel with Humpback Whales
  • Scuba dive among caves, coral and shipwrecks
  • Indulge in an island spa treatment
  • Drink and be merry at one of Tonga’s bars
  • Jump on a fishing charter and reel in the big ones
  • Hike in the ‘Eua National Park
  • Kitesurf on Ha’apai’s tranquil lagoons
  • Hit the surf breaks from Ha’atafu Beach in Tongatapu
  • Take part in a yoga session in Vava’u or Ha’apai

For more ideas and more elaboration, take a look at the 10 Adult-Only Activities in Tonga.

Adult-Only Holiday in Tongatapu

The Adult-Only Guide to Tonga


Home of the capital and the arrival island for many coming to Tonga, Tongatapu is one of your best Tonga destinations should you be looking for an urban-based adult-only getaway. There is a small selection of four-star apartments, lodges and even a homestay in Nuku’alofa that are exclusively for adult guests – no one under the age of 10/12. Alternatively, travellers could seek out one of Tongatapu’s holiday homes for an alternative private space.

Those staying in Nuku’alofa might be surprised to find that most of the major activities that Tonga is known for can be done from here. Swimming with Humpback Whales, fishing for the Pacific’s large game fish and scuba diving at the coral reefs or caves of ‘Eua can all be done from boat tours departing from Faua Wharf on the capital’s waterfront.

In between the adventure, those on an adult-only getaway can enjoy some R&R too, whether it’s with an island-style massage at one of the city’s spas or wining and dining at the exciting range of bars and restaurants.

For more advice on planning a trip to the main island and capital, check out The Adult-Only Guide to Tongatapu and The Adult-Only Guide to Nuku’alofa.

Adult-Only Holiday in ‘Eua

The Adult-Only Guide to Tonga

(c) Tonga Ministry of Tourism

‘Eua is Tonga’s oldest and “wildest” island, sitting just 40km (23 miles) southeast of Tongatapu. It’s definitely an island for an active adult-only getaway, with the highlights here being the ‘Eua National Park, as well as whale swimming and scuba diving.

Although there are no adult-only accommodations in ‘Eua, there is a holiday home, while to Ovava Tree Lodge only has double rooms making it less appealing for families and more appealing to couples.

Ways to experience this ancient island include hiking, which has some guided and self-guided options around the island – don’t worry, the island is so quiet that you’ll rarely meet anyone of the trails. Alternatively, there are 4WD land tours to see the natural sights, such as caves, giant banyan trees, natural coastal arches, rock gardens and island lookouts.

More adult-only adventures await on the water, especially with swimming with Humpback Whales in the whale season, while ‘Eua is home to one of the largest cave dives in the South Pacific.

Learn more about planning an adult-only getaway to this island in The Adult-Only Guide to ‘Eua.

Adult-Only Holiday in Ha’apai

The Adult-Only Guide to Tonga

(c) Tonga Ministry of Tourism

This less-visited central island group hardly has the need for adult-only resorts, but if you’re looking for the next best thing, the Sandy Beach Resort caters almost exclusively to adults by only offering beach fales with a double-bed layout and usually sending families to their nearby sister resort.

Ha’apai is an island group of 62 islands, most of which are uninhabited, boasting sandy shores, swaying coconut palms and tranquil lagoons. It’s a popular destination for yoga and wellness retreats at the many eco-resorts here, while it also is a special place for the kitesurfing crowd thanks to its consistent tradewinds and butter-flat lagoons.

The pristine islands are a good choice for couples on a romantic island getaway, with some experiences including private island picnics or private beach dinners. But don’t worry, you can still do the major Tonga activities in Ha’apai too, which offers an excellent place to swim with whales, scuba dive through coral arches, and even hop on a fishing charter.

Learn more about visiting Ha’apai in The Adult-Only Guide to Ha’apai.

Adult-Only Holiday in Vava’u

The Adult-Only Guide to Tonga


The northern island group of Tonga (excluding the far-flung Niuas, which we salute you for if you manage to get there), Vava’u is the place for underwater action and island getaway. Especially for adult groups and couples, you have the opportunity to stay at either the Dream Island Resort or the Mandala Resort, both with minimum age requirements to stay at their stunning pieces of island paradise.

Vava’u is home to the largest array of whale swimming tours, while it’s also argued to have some of the best dive sites in Tonga. There are wreck dives, coral gardens, underwater canyons, caves and much more to explore, with the option to do recreational dives, as well as scuba diving courses. Vava’u is also renowned for its Blue Marlin fishery, making it a hotspot for bluewater game fishing.

Another claim to fame for these islands are its sailing grounds. A unique way to spend an adult-only holiday is by hiring a sailing yacht for a few days to explore the labyrinth of inlets and compact islands.

Get more inspiration for an adult-only getaway in The Adult-Only Guide to Vava’u.

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