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Scuba Diving Seasons in Tonga Unlike many places in the world, Tonga doesn’t have a “bad” time to scuba dive. The visibility is pretty darn good all year round, averaging around 30m (100ft) in b
Tonga Scuba Diving Guide Tonga: its underwater world has everything you want from a tropical destination and more. Dive with the rays, sharks, colourful reef fish and then some. Encounter majestic hum
Scuba Diving in ‘Eua Tonga’s second-largest and oldest island is one of the top scuba diving locations in the kingdom. ‘Eua is a 40-million-year-old island that has formed dramatic cliffs, vast
A Few Tips About Scuba Diving Holidays in Tonga If you’ve dived into The Guide to Scuba Diving in Tonga, then you’ll have most the information you need to start planning an awesome scuba diving ho
Snorkelling Trips in Vava’u An exciting arena for snorkelling awaits in the waters of Vava’u! Enjoy vividly clear waters as you swim over vibrant coral reefs, dive into caves and be among huge sch
Scuba Diving in Vava’u Crystal clear waters, stunning reef systems, drop-offs, swim-throughs, caves, tunnels, wrecks… Vava’u has variety. Mix it with unbelievable visibility and you have the per
Scuba Diving Companies in Tonga We admit when it comes to water experiences in Tonga, the humpback whales kind of take all of the limelight. One of the biggest mistakes visitors make when jetting off
Where to Snorkel in Tonga Things like humpback whales, historical sites and game fishing take most of the limelight in Tonga. But taking the time to put on a snorkel mask and discover the underwater w
Amazing Vava’u Dive Sites What sort of diving can you expect in the Tongan island group of Vava’u? From shipwrecks to pinnacles to shallow caves to deep caves, there’s a dive site for just about
Guided Snorkelling in Tonga Don’t settle for mediocre snorkelling from your resort’s beach. Get to the good stuff by jumping on one of the snorkelling tours in Tonga! Float over shallow coral reef