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Health and Safety in Tonga With minimal crime, no fatal diseases, no crocodiles and little else to be concerned about, Tonga is a relatively safe country to visit. However, as a tropical country with
Eco-friendly Insect Repellents for Your Trip to Tonga The downside to tropical getaways is the associated bugs and mosquitos. However, spraying yourself in smelly and unhealthy chemicals to avoid itch
A Traveller’s Guide to Earthquakes and Tsunamis in Tonga Tonga sits on one of the most active regions for earthquakes in the world, the South Pacific Rim. This means that the country is vulnerable t
About the Mosquitoes in Tonga Waking up to itchy red bites on your legs is the downside of a tropical getaway. While mosquitoes are present in Tonga, they are rarely in abundance unless you’re in th
How to Keep Kids Safe in Tonga Tonga is a relatively safe country for kids thanks to the fact that it doesn’t have any major diseases, dangerous animals or a high crime rate. However, like travellin
How to Soothe Mosquito Bites Mosquito bites can put an itchy downer on a tropical getaway to countries like Tonga. If you haven’t followed our advice in 10 Ways to Avoid Mosquito Bites in Tonga or u
Tips for Staying Healthy in Tonga Tonga might not present major health issues, but exposing yourself to a new environment always involves a few risks. From drinking water to mosquito bites, there are
Sunscreens to Use in Tonga We don’t need to tell you that sunscreen is essential for a trip to Tonga. However, you may need help choosing a sunscreen that’s right for you and that’s right to use
Reef-Safe Skin-Safe Sunscreen to Wear in Tonga Sunscreen is a must for a trip to Tonga, but you already knew that. However, what you might not know is just how important it is to wear sunscreen that
Safety Guide for Tourists in Tonga Is Tonga safe for tourists? Absolutely. There is little risk when it comes to health and safety in Tonga compared to other countries in the South Pacific. Minor safe
Sunscreen That’s Safe for Kids and the Environment Being a responsible parent not only means keeping your little ones safe, but also keeping the places you visit safe. This even comes down to the su
How to Travel More Sustainably in Tonga: Tips for an Eco-Friendly Trip Tonga is home to some of the most stunning natural underwater landscapes and islands in the world. If you’re not already en
Is the Water Safe to Drink in Tonga? Tonga primarily gets its drinking water from groundwater and rainwater. While many locals will say that the water is safe to drink in Tonga, for visitors it’s ev
How to Get Safe Drinking Water in Tonga In the heat of the tropical sun, it’s especially important to stay hydrated during your trip to Tonga. However, with tap water not being too friendly on visit
Travel Vaccination Advice for Tonga Do you need vaccinations to travel to Tonga? No, there are no vaccinations required to enter Tonga. However, certain vaccinations are recommended by the World Healt