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What Clothing to Pack for a Holiday to Tonga Packing: you either love the excitement it builds for your holiday or hate the stress that it builds when considering, “Have I forgot anything?!” What
Stay Connected in Tonga For those of us who constantly use the Internet for work or are addicted to social media, it’s hard to imagine not having access to WiFi. Travellers in Tonga might be surpris
Awesome Travel Gadgets for Tonga A trip to Tonga just got a whole lot easier (and more fun) with these amazing travel gadgets! Water bottles that allow you to drink the local tap water with peace of m
Registering Your Drone in Tonga An aerial perspective of Tonga’s amazing coastal landscapes makes an incredible addition to your travel photos but using a drone in Tonga involves jumping through a f
The Guide to Planning Your Wedding in Tonga A wedding in the remote South Pacific nation of Tonga is unique, spiritual and utterly beautiful. Picture white-sand beaches, turquoise waters and swaying p
About the Electricity in Tonga Out of the list of things to check before going to a new country, electricity and what power adapter to use is an essential one! Will you be able to charge your phone in
What are the Best Islands in Tonga? A trip to Tonga isn’t about just “going to Tonga”. Tonga is made up of 170 islands spread across five different regions/island groups. With most travellers ha
Power Adapters for Tonga It’s a packing essential: a travel adapter for Tonga. Taking amazing photos of Tonga’s islands, bragging about your whale swim on Facebook, or perhaps charging your laptop
Welcome to the Kingdom of Tonga 170 islands scatter the South Pacific Ocean, harbouring majestic caves, thousands of years of history, kings and queens, crystal clear waters and safe refuge for humpba