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Amazing Sailing Tours in Tonga Sailing in the South Pacific is a sublime experience that so few of us have, because, well, we don’t have our own yacht. But with Tonga being home to some of the South
The Complete Kayaking Guide to Tonga Gliding across turquoise waters, close encounters with spinner dolphins, turtles and glimpses of whale flukes in the distance, visiting uninhabited islands, stoppi
Amazing Experiences in Tonga on the Water Tonga is an island nation around 750km2 (290mi sq) of land area across a whopping 700,000km2 (270,000sq mi) of the Pacific Ocean. Needless to say, Tonga is mo
Island-Hopping Cruises in Vava’u Let’s be honest, most of the action in Vava’u is out on the water. If you’re not doing scuba diving, whale swimming or a fishing charter then at least head out
Everything You Need to Know About Kitesurfing in Tonga Steady trade winds blow alongside Tonga’s scattering of islands fringed with reefs that form sheltered lagoons ideal for kitesurfing. Kitesurfi
Guided Kayaking in Tonga Kayaking is the staple of a Tonga getaway: gliding across turquoise waters to a soothing tropical breeze while watching fish and coral decorating the depths below. While freed
Take a Boat Cruise in Tonga Visiting all 170 islands of Tonga is a bit of a mission, but at least you can make a start on it by hopping on a day cruise in Tonga. Tonga’s array of small boat tours pr
The Best Tonga Boat Tours for Exploring the Islands and Snorkelling In a nation of 170 islands, no wonder most of the action in Tonga is out on the water. That’s why it would almost be a sin to visi