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Luxury Hotels and Lodges in Nuku’alofa Tonga might not be known for being a five-star luxury holiday destination, but it makes up for it with its five-star friendliness. Enjoy the warm hospitality o
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Luxurious Stays in Ha’apai Luxury needs to be seen as being in a breathtaking destination and experiencing the island life, rather than retrofitting a five-star resort in a place where it doesn’t
Luxurious Stays in Vava’u A special place like Vava’u deserves a special place to stay. Whether it’s on the sandy shores of a private island resort or in your own modern apartment on the main is
How to Stay on a Boat in Tonga Travellers who think outside of the box realise that Tonga is about its surrounding ocean as much as it’s about the islands. In fact, you can even stay on the water in
Advice on Choosing a Boat Stay/Charter in Tonga Tonga is about exploring the ocean just as much as it is about exploring the islands, where a boat stay gives travellers a unique chance to make the oce
Tonga’s Most Luxurious Resorts If your idea of luxury is connecting with nature and living the island life, then you’ll love Tonga. Although Tonga is no place for five-star resorts, it is a place
Luxury Stays in Tonga The archipelago of Tonga with its turquoise waters, stunning islands and a variety of adventure experiences is a special place worth saving for a special occasion. While these is
Advice on Choosing Luxury Accommodation in Tonga Looking for somewhere special to stay in Tonga? Whether you’re seeking a hint of luxury for a special occasion or “just because”, this guide to c