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The Tongan Culture, Customs and Traditions You can get turquoise waters, sandy shores, coral reefs and swaying palms in plenty of places around the world. Only in Tonga can you experience the Tongan c
Tonga’s Fascinating Facts Tonga is a nation with a colourful history, interesting culture and natural wonders. Just for fun, we’ve picked out some of the best fun facts about Tonga throughout our
Learn Some Words in Fakatongan! Travel is all about discovering new cultures and the Tongan culture is certainly a fascinating one! One of the basic ways to start immersing in the local culture is to
Learn About Tonga with Some Fun Facts! Every parent wants to make sure the whole family gets the most out of a trip to a new country. Tonga is a fascinating nation with a captivating culture, breathta
A Quick Guide to the Tonga People In the Pacific’s only kingdom, Tonga and its people proudly showcase a sense of the “true South Pacific”. Almost the entire population of the 170-island nation
A History of Tonga in Brief Tonga has a colourful history of being the birthplace of Polynesian cultures, Pacific colonisation, European arrivals, missionary influence and the establishment of the onl
The Local Customs in Tonga Tonga is a unique country in the South Pacific with its own monarchy system and religion is deeply woven into the culture. With that, there are a few local customs in Tonga
A Quick Guide to the Language of Tonga Tonga is home to two official languages: Tongan and English. While Tongan is the most-used language, English is a second language of most Tongans in Tonga’s mo
Cultural Protocol in Tonga A new country means new customs. This is especially true for Tonga, which has a rich Polynesian culture with religious customs. You will want to get it right. We go over the
What Has Been Filmed in Tonga? The truth is not much. Unlike its South Pacific neighbours, Tonga is no movie star. Nevertheless, Tonga has certainly been the subject of many movies and TV shows, from
What are the Religions in Tonga? Tonga is an extremely religious country, with around 99% of the population practising some form of Christianity. Christianity was introduced to the islands some 230 ye