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Unique Swimming Spots in Tonga We don’t need to tell you about the amazing beaches to swim from in Tonga – there are plenty of those! However, if you’re looking for a unique swimming hole in Ton
Beautiful Beaches in Tonga You didn’t come all the way to the remote islands of the South Pacific not to see beaches! Luckily, the islands of Tonga have many, mostly found in the island groups of Ha
Where to Walk in Tonga There’s never a lack of sandy beaches, quaint villages or small towns to explore in Tonga on foot. However, if you’re looking for a real walk or hiking mission, then there a
Experience the Church Architecture and Sunday Services in Tonga Tonga is a devout Christian nation where going to church on a Sunday is all part of the routine. In just about every village, you’ll f
Save Money on Tonga Tours and Activities Anywhere we can save money on travel is a good thing, so when it comes to tours, how can we get a good deal? Well, with tours like whale swimming or fishing ch
Where to Get Cheap Food in Tonga Let’s get one thing straight, Tonga isn’t South East Asia. You’re not going to find ridiculously cheap food on every street corner (well, at least most of the ti
Where to Get Cheap Food in Nuku’alofa Indulge in a feast fit for the royal family for no more than TOP$20 when staying in Nuku’alofa. Tonga’s capital city is brimming with affordable cuisine, th
Free and Affordable Activities in Tonga After your whale swim, perhaps scuba diving among the coral reefs or even heading out on the fishing charter to reel in the big ones, well, that often doesn’t
Where to Snorkel in Tongatapu Tropical getaway: that has to mean some snorkelling?! Tonga’s main island, Tongatapu, offers a good selection of options for snorkelling even if there are fewer options
Where to Snorkel in Ha’apai For a true island escape, snorkelling just you and the fishes, Ha’apai is the Tongan island group to consider. The less-visited island group provides decent snorkelling
Where to Snorkel in Vava’u The 50 islands of Vava’u provide some stunning snorkelling in Tonga. For those who want to discover the underwater world through the ease of snorkelling, then you’re b
Where to Snorkel in Tonga Things like humpback whales, historical sites and game fishing take most of the limelight in Tonga. But taking the time to put on a snorkel mask and discover the underwater w