Top Cheap Eats in Tonga(c)
Top Cheap Eats in Tonga

Top Cheap Eats in Tonga


Where to Get Cheap Food in Tonga

Let’s get one thing straight, Tonga isn’t South East Asia. You’re not going to find ridiculously cheap food on every street corner (well, at least most of the time). Dining out can get pretty costly in The Kingdom, but we’re here to help you cut the costs by showing you the top cheap eats in Tonga!

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Quick Tips to Save Money on Food in Tonga

  • Eating out in the towns of Nuku’alofa, Neiafu and Pangai are almost always cheaper than eating at resorts and hotels
  • For self-catering, buy groceries from supermarkets, fale koloa and the markets – check the usual prices in Cost of Food in Tonga, so you know how much is reasonable to pay
  • The portions in Tonga are HUGE, so you can save money (and your stomach) by either getting one main to share or an entree dish between two people
  • Picking something vegetarian is a sure-fire way to cut costs.

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Top Cheap Eats in Tonga(c)

Cheap Eats in Tonga – $10 and Under

Looking for the absolute cheapest food you can find in The Kingdom? Well, you can hardly do cheaper than the following restaurants and takeaways in Nuku’alofa and Neiafu…

The Cheapest Restaurants in Nuku’alofa

Try authentic Tongan dishes at Mama’s Cafe (Laifone Road) and Talahiva Restaurant (Taufa’ahau Road) in Nuku’alofa. Both serve traditional Tongan food for an affordable TOP$5-$10 per meal.

Although there are no international fast-food restaurants in Tonga, you’ll still get your fried chicken fix at Sabrina’s Chicken Vilovilo (Railway Road). All of their meals are TOP$4-$10! As for cheap burgers, High Five Delight Burgers (Taufa’ahau Road) is worth checking out.

For some cheap Chinese food in Nuku’alofa, check out the Tiger Inn Restaurant (Railway Road) behind the post office building. Their menu mostly consists of noodle dishes with wontons in both meat and vegetarian options. Most dishes are TOP$6-$10.

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The Cheapest Restaurants in Neiafu

The cheapest meal you’ll find in Neiafu is at the one-stop-Chinese-shop, Panda. Located on the waterfront at the small boat marina, Panda’s highest food price is TOP$10! That’s right, for under TOP$10 you can enjoy all your favourite Chinese dishes to eat in or takeaway.

Top Cheap Eats in Tonga(c)

Cheap Eats in Tonga – $11-$20

Convert TOP$11-$20 to your home currency to see how cheap that actually is! If you’re willing to bump up the budget a bit, you’ll have access to these Tongan restaurants too…

Cheap Restaurants in Nuku’alofa

A range of Tongan delights can be found at the 12 Seafoods Restaurant (Vuna Road) at Faua Wharf, whether it’s super fresh fish & chips and Tongan seafood dishes like Ota Ika. Prices range from TOP$6 to $25. Alternatively on Vuna Road, the popular open-air Billfish Bar and Restaurant also offers good-value food, such as their hearty burgers, curry and cheap bar snacks. Mains start from TOP$14.

Precious Stone Restaurant (Vuna Road) is where you can get an affordable Chinese fix in Nuku’alofa, which serves up beef, lamb and chicken curries, black-bean sauce, steaks and Szechuan cabbage for TOP$12-$20. Most of the seafood dishes, however, are much more expensive.

For lunch, head to one of the city centre’s hotspots, Friends Cafe (Taufa’ahau Road) and treat yourself to affordable paninis, sandwiches and general European lunch food for TOP$10-$25. Alternatively, Coffee Post (Taufa’ahu Road) has healthy lunch options and not-so-healthy breakfasts for TOP$10-$25. Finally, try ‘Utuongo Cafe (Taufa’ahau Road) opposite the Tungi Colonnade Hotel for their cappuccino with coconut syrup, freshly-baked treats and sandwiches made with coconut and banana bread. Coffees cost TOP$2.80-$5.50, while mains are TOP$10-$20.

Cheap Restaurants in Neiafu

While we wouldn’t suggest Bella Vista Restaurant (Guttenbeil Plaza) as a cheap eat for an evening meal, we would definitely recommend them for lunch. They serve up generous beef, fish and chicken burgers for around TOP$13-16, as well as quality sandwiches with fresh ingredients for TOP$14-18.

If looking for semi-affordable burgers, pancakes, seafood chowder and breakfast food, check out the Mango Cafe on the waterfront (Fatafehi Road). Their burgers won’t set you too far back at only TOP$20, while the toasted sandwiches are some of the cheapest we’ve seen in Vava’u at TOP$12.

Cheap Restaurants in Ha’apai

Ok, so Ha’apai doesn’t have a huge choice when it comes to eating out, but a good and affordable go-to in the town of Pangai is the Mariner’s Cafe & Restaurant (Fau Road). Try some of their homemade pasta dishes for under TOP$20 or have a light lunch with one of their TOP$10 toasties!

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