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Essential Tips for Surfing in Tonga When looking for “alternative” places to surf, Tonga is definitely a nation of islands that stand on top. The little-known surf destination is scattered with re
Everything You Need to Know About Surfing in Tonga Surfing in Tonga? Really?! Yes, who would have thought this little-known island nation in the South Pacific is a pretty awesome surf destination? You
Where to Surf in Tongatapu Tongatapu, the main island of Tonga, is where you’ll find some of the nation’s best surf breaks. Most of the island’s surf breaks can be found on the northwestern tip
When to Surf in Tonga When is there not a good time to surf in Tonga?! Tonga has two distinct seasons, the winter and summer seasons, both providing excellent yet dramatically different conditions for
Where to Surf in Vava’u Looking for a rather obscure place to surf on the planet? A place that doesn’t even know the meaning of the word “crowds”? Where you’ll either need your own yacht or
Where to Surf in Tonga Some 170 islands scattered across the world’s largest ocean, Tonga provides adventurous surfing. Clear warm waters bring idyllic surfing all year round, with powerful southerl