Plan a Wedding or Honeymoon in Tonga Tonga has the azure waters, the sandy shores and the swaying coconut palms to complete a dreamy island wedding or honeymoon. However, the only Kingdom in the South
Plan Your Family Getaway to Tonga Tonga is not for everyone. It’s for families that are perhaps a little more adventurous than the average family, who prefer to adventure together, and are looking f
The Guide to Budget Travel in Tonga Tropical islands, real island cultures, amazing marine wildlife… Tonga is a memorable destination especially for the budget traveller who will find that you don&#
The Complete Guide to Luxury Holidays in Nuku’alofa Nuku’alofa is Tonga’s capital, the home to the South Pacific’s only royal family and brimming with culture. It’s a place where cruise ship
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Activities in Vava’u for Adults A stunning and tranquil destination like the islands of Vava’u certainly doesn’t need the disturbance of noisy children! That’s the mantra of most travellers he
The Family Guide to ‘Eua For the family who wants to get off the beaten track, immerse in spectacular nature and local culture, ‘Eua is an amazing destination. Just a 10-minute flight from Tonga
Plan a Luxury Getaway to Tonga If your idea of luxury is once-in-a-lifetime experiences, surrounding yourself in pristine tropical islands, and getting off the beaten track, then Tonga can certainly p
Things to Do in Ha’apai for Couples Ha’apai is a remote island group in the centre of Tonga where couples can reconnect with nature and each other. The landscape is utterly romantic, with vibrant
How to Save Money on Tongatapu Budget travellers won’t find many challenges when it comes to saving money on Tongatapu. Tonga’s main island is one of the cheapest places to stay across the 169 isl
Adult-Only Holidays in Vava’u Let’s get one thing straight about Vava’u, unlike other South Pacific destinations, it’s certainly not crawling with kids! Nevertheless, for those craving a getaw
Family-Friendly Activities in ‘Eua ‘Eua Island is certainly a fun, active and educational destination for families. Only 40km (15 miles) from Tongatapu, ‘Eua feels a world away from anywhere, be
The Family Guide to Ha’apai Some 62 virtually untouched islands await in the central island group of Tonga. Ha’apai is home to warm and clear water, vibrant culture and some interesting historical
Premium Experiences in Nuku’alofa, Tonga Home to the South Pacific’s only royal family, bustling with authentic culture, and featuring an array of unique island experiences, Nuku’alofa is a must