Romantic Getaways to Nuku’alofa All great journeys together start with a honeymoon, while all great adventures in Tonga start in Nuku’alofa. Most couples choose Tonga and Nuku’alofa for their ho
Family Activities in Vava’u With so much emphasis on whale swimming, sports fishing and scuba diving, Vava’u might not seem like the most family-friendly destination at first glance. But by diggin
Food Activities in Vava’u Despite food being an integral part of the Tongan culture, most of the activities orientate around whale swimming, scuba diving and sailing in Vava’u. Nevertheless, those
‘Eua for Adults An adult-only getaway is a desirable way to travel the South Pacific. However, this trend hasn’t exactly caught on in the island of ‘Eua in Tonga because, well, it doesn’t real
Budget Activities in Ha’apai Don’t worry, a holiday in Ha’apai doesn’t have to be about expensive sailing tours, whale swimming and scuba diving. There are plenty of ways to keep the costs low
Things to Do in Nuku’alofa for Couples For the adventurous and nature-loving couple, Tonga is the ideal romantic getaway or honeymoon destination. Even in the nation’s capital, couples will find s
How to Visit Vava’u on a Budget Tonga’s rugged northern islands are enticing with their sheltered waters for whale swimming, scuba diving, sailing… But we all know that they aren’t the cheapes
Child-Free Experiences on Tongatapu Tongatapu is hardly a destination where screaming kids are going to spoil your holiday. Nevertheless, if you’ve had an adult-only getaway in the South Pacific bef
A Family Guide to Nuku’alofa Many families, once they arrive in Tonga, head straight to Nuku’alofa and for good reason! Not only is the capital of Tonga extremely easy to get to and has a wealth o
Things to Do in ‘Eua for Adults Have you somehow found a babysitter or are you on your own adult-only escape to ‘Eua in Tonga? Then take the opportunity to do some of the adventurous experiences o
Luxurious Holidays in Ha’apai Ha’apai doesn’t pretend to be anything it’s not. It’s not necessarily brimming with five-star resorts, but it is, in the opinion of many, a five-star destinatio
Nuku’alofa Food Guide If your the type of traveller that likes to experience a place through its flavours and culture, then you’re in for a treat in Nuku’alofa. Nuku’alofa might be the adminis
How to Save Money in Vava’u After paying for a whale swimming experience, perhaps a scuba diving trip or a fishing charter, you’re going to want to save money on the rest of your holiday in Vava
Family Activities in Nuku’alofa An interesting introduction to The Kingdom of Tonga lies in the capital, Nuku’alofa. Known as the “Abode of Love”, Nuku’alofa is a fantastic place to engage i
Weddings, Honeymoons and Romantic Getaways in ‘Eua For the couple seeking a down-to-earth island experience on one of the most stunning natural landscapes in Tonga, ‘Eua Island is a must! After a