The Wedding & Honeymoon Guide to Nuku’alofa
The Wedding & Honeymoon Guide to Nuku’alofa

The Wedding & Honeymoon Guide to Nuku’alofa

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Romantic Getaways to Nuku’alofa

All great journeys together start with a honeymoon, while all great adventures in Tonga start in Nuku’alofa. Most couples choose Tonga and Nuku’alofa for their honeymoon or a romantic getaway to seek adventure and experience the South Pacific culture. Learn a new skill together like scuba diving, enjoy once-in-a-lifetime experiences like swimming with humpback whales, and indulge in romantic spa treatments and Tongan dining experiences. We’ll guide you through the most romantic accommodations, activities and more in this wedding and honeymoon guide to Nuku’alofa.

6 Romantic Activities to Do in Nuku’alofa

  • Buddy up in a scuba diving trip
  • Have a life-changing experience together swimming with humpback whales
  • Indulge in a couples massage
  • Sit down to a romantic dinner in one of the city’s restaurants
  • Experience beautiful singing at one of the Sunday church services
  • Enjoy an island escape together on one of the island resort day trips

Get more details on each activity in the 6 Romantic Activities in Nuku’alofa for Couples.

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How to Get to Nuku’alofa

The most popular way to get to Nuku’alofa from overseas is via the nearby international airport. From there, there are shuttles and taxis to transport you to the city. As for travelling around Nuku’alofa and the rest of Tongatapu, couples might want to consider the most intimate and private option of hiring a car. Alternatively, taxis, tours and public buses are available.

Nuku’alofa By Plane

Nuku’alofa’s nearest airport, Fua’amotu International Airport, is 30 minutes away. Direct flights to Fua’amotu Airport are available from New Zealand, Australia and Fiji – see Which Airlines Fly Straight to Tonga? for more details. Domestic flights between Tongatapu and ‘Eua, Vava’u, Ha’apai and The Niuas are also available.

Taxis in Nuku’alofa

Taxis meet incoming flights at Fua’amotu Airport at both the domestic and international terminals, as well as transport people around the city. It’s an easy and quick way for couples to get from A to B. Taxis have a “T” at the beginning of their number registration. They don’t operate on Sundays. Check out more tips for taking a taxi in Tonga here.

Rental Cars in Nuku’alofa

For your own transportation and a more private transport method to enjoy for just the two of you, rental cars are available in Nuku’alofa. Before you rent a car, you need a Visitor’s Driver’s License, which can be picked up from the Traffic Department on Bypass Road across from St Andrews School. See our recommendations in The Best Car Rentals in Tongatapu.

For more about travelling to Nuku’alofa via cruise or around Nuku’alofa via bus, airport shuttles and more, see our 7 Ways to Get to Nuku’alofa (& Around Nuku’alofa).

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Honeymoon Activities in Nuku’alofa

Every couple is unique, yet there’s still something for all kinds of adventure and culture travellers in Nuku’alofa. Check out the vast range of what’s available in the city in our 10 Must-Dos in Nuku’alofa. Otherwise, for something more “romantic” to enjoy as a couple, here are a few of our top picks!

Swimming with Whales

Available from July to October in Nuku’alofa, swimming with majestic humpback whales is a beautiful experience to share together. Swimming with these gentle giants after they have made the 3,000 miles (4,850km)  journey from Antarctica to calve and breed, is a great symbol for starting your own journey together. Join one of the whale swimming tours from Nuku’alofa for a chance to snorkel with humpbacks, as well as stopping by Tongatapu’s uninhabited islands to enjoy a picnic lunch.

Couples Spa Treatment

Lay side by side as you are transported to a blissful state of relaxation with a couples spa treatment. Island Glow is one of the day spas in Nuku’alofa offering soothing treatments for couples. Their Orange Blossom Couples Retreat is a 2h30min experience including a raw sugar cane body scrub followed by a rejuvenating massage. The final touch is a refreshing facial to leave you both feeling renewed.

Scuba Dive Among Caves and Corals

“Buddying up” for a scuba dive in Tonga’s tropical waters is a great way to spend a day of your honeymoon in Nuku’alofa. Whether you’re a beginner or a certified diver, there are options for couples to jump on the small-group dive tours and explore the underwater world of volcanic-formed underwater caves, coral reefs and even shipwrecks. Learn more about scuba diving in Tonga here.

For more ideas, see our 6 Romantic Activities in Nuku’alofa for Couples.

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Getting Married in Nuku’alofa

Eloping in the South Pacific is a dream for many. However, getting married in Nuku’alofa does pose some hurdles for couples from overseas wishing to get married in The Kingdom.

For couples who are both non-citizens of Tonga, you must reside in Tonga for at least one month before applying for a marriage license. Once this condition has been met, both parties of the couple must apply to get married to the Principal Immigration Officer to get permission to marry in Tonga. Once that process is complete (usually after two to three days), the Immigration Office in Tonga will request a number of legal documents including an affidavit stating you have no criminal record. On top of that, there’s a fee of around TOP$345. See more details at How to Organise Your Wedding in Tonga.

There is a legal act in process in the Tongan Government aiming to change some of these conditions for couples wishing to elope in Tonga. We will keep this article updated when appropriate.

Wedding Venues in Nuku’alofa

For those who are lucky enough or determined enough to get married in Nuku’alofa, there are some fantastic wedding venues available.

The Tanoa International Dateline Hotel offers wedding venues, along with professional staff to make sure every detail is to your liking. Their Talanoa Room is a popular indoor choice seating up to 180 people, while The Festival Lawn outside of the hotel is the ideal choice for a more lavish affair.

For more wedding venues, see The Wedding & Honeymoon Guide to Tongatapu.

More About Nuku’alofa

That’s it for the wedding and honeymoon guide to Nuku’alofa. You might also like to check out The Wedding & Honeymoon Guide to Tonga and 10 Romantic Things to Do in Tonga for Couples for more honeymooning tips.


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