The Wedding & Honeymoon Guide to ‘Eua(c)
The Wedding & Honeymoon Guide to ‘Eua

The Wedding & Honeymoon Guide to ‘Eua


Weddings, Honeymoons and Romantic Getaways in ‘Eua

For the couple seeking a down-to-earth island experience on one of the most stunning natural landscapes in Tonga, ‘Eua Island is a must! After a short scenic flight with hopefully a few whale spottings, you’ll land on an island that runs at a more relaxed pace yet boasts some of the South Pacific’s most dramatic landscapes between limestone caves and cliffs, natural archways and large underwater caves. Discover them together in scuba diving excursions, horse trekking or island hikes. Couples have limited accommodation to choose from, but we give our recommendations and more advice in this wedding and honeymoon guide to ‘Eua! Let us guide you on a honeymoon you’ll never forget.

6 Romantic Activities in ‘Eua

  • Enjoy long walks and explore tidal pools along ‘Eua’s secluded beaches
  • Tackle one of ‘Eua’s glorious hikes together
  • Buddy up in a scuba diving trip
  • Share a life-changing experience swimming with whales
  • Go horse riding through the island together
  • Look out for the red shining parrot with some bird watching

Get details on each experience in the 6 Romantic Activities in ‘Eua for Couples.

The Wedding & Honeymoon Guide to ‘Eua(c)

How to Get to ‘Eua

‘Eua is connected to the rest of Tonga and the world via ferries and flights from Tongatapu. While ferries offer a cheap way to get to the island, flights offer a more intimate and scenic experience worth immersing in for a special occasion. As for getting around, there is no public transport on the island, but accommodation providers fill up the gap by offering transport to guests.

Flights to ‘Eua

There are a scheduled two to three flights a day between ‘Eua and Tongatapu in small planes for an intimate experience. The flight might only last seven to 10 minutes, but the landing is incredibly scenic and pilots often keep an eye out for whales (during the season) to give you an alternative whale watching perspective – a romantic way to arrive in ‘Eua! Find out more about flights in Where Can You Fly to in Tonga?

Accommodation Transport

With no public transport on the island, accommodations provide their own transport services. Accommodation will transport you to and from the airport/wharf, while many will also offer transfers to attractions and hikes around the island.

Bicycle Rental

An intimate way to explore the island together and independently is by hiring a bicycle. Bicycle hire is available from Taina’s Place and The Hideaway. Be sure to ask about routes with your hosts, as distances on the island can be deceiving.

For more information on getting around, see the 5 Ways to Get to ‘Eua (& Get Around ‘Eua).

The Wedding & Honeymoon Guide to ‘Eu(c)

Honeymoon Activities in ‘Eua

Some of the highlights of ‘Eua Island just happen to be utterly romantic, from swimming with majestic humpback whales to buddying up in a scuba diving trip. While we list all our honeymoon activity ideas in the 10 Romantic Activities in ‘Eua for Couples, here’s just a taste of what you could get up to on your honeymoon…

Romantic Walks in ‘Eua

Tackling a hike together can be a rewarding experience, and there’s no lack of hikes on the island of ‘Eua. While there are some fantastic guided hikes available, there are some hikes that be done independently to enjoy some alone time. The southern Lakufa’anga Cliff Hike with the Rock Gardens, Li’angahuo ‘a Maui archway and the breathtaking Ha’aluma Beach is a fantastic walk. Alternatively, the Forest Plantation Hike takes hikers through incredible tracts of forest to giant banyan trees and lookouts over the ‘Eua National Park. Learn more about the walks available in 5 Best Hikes in ‘Eua.

Horse Riding on the Beach

Is there anything more romantic than seeing your loved one riding a majestic steed? While ‘Eua is known for its wild horses, there are some tame ones available to hire from local villagers should you have horse riding experience. Alternatively, guides are available to show you the ropes. Either way, the dirt tracks through forests and villages make the ideal trails for horse riding. A popular place to ride is along Tufuvai Beach.

Bird Watching

Being the love birds that you are, it’s only fitting to do some bird watching in ‘Eua. All jokes aside, the birdlife on the island is incredible with the star of the show being the red shining parrot or the “koki”. Look out for koki in the forests of the island, especially in the ‘Eua National Park and in the south of the island, as well as birds like the Pacific pigeon, swiftlets and noddies. There are also plenty of seabirds mostly seen around the Lakufa’anga Cliffs area, such as brown booby, white terns, white-tailed birds and frigate birds.

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Getting Married in ‘Eua

Getting married on an isolated South Pacific island is a dream for many. While ‘Eua Island would make an incredible location for a tropical wedding, the services and infrastructure are just not there… yet!

The main reason for the lack of development for wedding services is the fact that overseas residents getting married in Tonga have to jump through a few hurdles, such as residing in the country for a month before even applying for a wedding license. You can read all about the logistics in How to Organise Your Wedding in Tonga.

Nevertheless, this could all be changing soon with a legal act currently in progress within the Tongan Government that will make getting married in Tonga easier for eloping couples. Watch this space!

More About ‘Eua

That’s it for the wedding and honeymoon guide to ‘Eua. You might also like to check out The Wedding & Honeymoon Guide to Tonga for more honeymooning tips.


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