5 Best Beaches on ‘Eua(c) Pexels
5 Best Beaches on ‘Eua

5 Best Beaches on ‘Eua

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Where to Find Beaches in ‘Eua, Tonga

You didn’t come all the way to the tropics to not spend time at the beach! Admittedly, ‘Eua isn’t as known as other destinations in Tonga for its beaches, but there are some real hidden gems to discover. The beauty of the island’s beaches is that they are almost always quiet for just you and your tribe to enjoy. Characteristics of ‘Eua’s beaches are that they are made up of white sand leading down to pockets of tidal pools in the water, often full of tropical fish! For some beaches, it’s less about the beach itself and more about the journey to get there, especially as some are only accessible through day hikes. So check out some of our top recommended beaches in ‘Eua in the list below!

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1. Tufuvai Beach

A beach that many travellers become familiar with if staying near Ohonua or accommodations, such as The Hideaway, Blue Water Retreat, ‘Alakoka Taho Moana Guest House or Seta Homestay, Tufuvai Beach is an easily accessible beach and well worth checking out. The white sandy curving beach is backed with coconut palms. There are many tidal pools to explore, which you can follow up north toward Ohonua for quite some time. It’s a great place to pull on your reef shoes and go for a walk.

Location: Tufuvai, west coast of ‘Eua

5 Best Beaches on ‘Eua(c) Tonga Ministry of Tourism


2. Ha’aluma Beach

Situated in the south of ‘Eua, Ha’aluma Beach is a reasonably accessible beach if you can get a lift from your accommodation or hire a bike. It’s approximately 5km (3 miles) south of Taina’s Place. The reward is a long white sandy beach backed with verdant vegetation. The beach is excellent for snorkelling, especially in some of the larger tidal pools where there are lots of tropical fish to admire. Swimming is generally safe here but just be careful of the outgoing tide and look out for strong currents. Other features of the beach include ancient Tongan stone cuts and stunning sunsets. While you’re in the area, we recommend visiting the Laku Fa’anga Cliffs and the Rock Gardens, as described in the 5 Best Hikes in ‘Eua.

Location: South of ‘Eua on your way to Laku Fa’anga Cliffs.

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3. Fangatave Beach

A mission to get to but Fangatave Beach and its waters are your refreshing reward after a cliffs and caves hike. Located on the east side of the island, Fangatave Beach is only accessible on foot on a guided hike (get the details in the 5 Best Hikes in ‘Eua). The remote beach is enclosed by high limestone cliffs and offers a good place to cool off in the water close to shore. The limestone cliffs are suitable for rock climbing with titanium hardware, but be sure to bring your own equipment and register at Ovava Tree Lodge or Blue Water Retreat.

Location: Northeast side of ‘Eua.

5 Best Beaches on ‘Eua(c) Tonga Ministry of Tourism


4. Lokupo Beach

This is another secluded beach only accessible via hiking. The beach is the jewel of the ‘Eua National Park, admired from many lookouts on your way through the ‘Eua National Park and Lokupo Beach Hike. This is best done with a local guide. Again, get details on this hike in ‘Eua here. After a long hike to get there, the beach itself provides more walking opportunities along its long stretch of sand and rock pools. The beach boasts interesting rock formations, many formed by volcanic activity, as well as amazing views of the cliffs and rainforest where you have been hiking.

Location: ‘Eua National Park, east side of ‘Eua.

5 Best Beaches on ‘Eua(c) Tonga Ministry of Tourism


5. ‘Ufilei Beach

While there are many amazing beaches across ‘Eua, ‘Ufilei Beach presents another easily accessible beach just north of Ohonua. It’s a good option if you are staying at Ovava Tree Lodge. The beach can be accessed along a dirt track that closely follows the coast from the road leading north from Ovava Lodge and Nafanua Wharf. ‘Ufilei Beach is one of ‘Eua’s better swimming beaches, making it a popular spot with the locals. The beach features interesting mounds of land and trees, white sand, coconut palms and is a popular destination for horse riding. Learn more about horse riding in the 10 Free & Cheap Things To Do in ‘Eua.

Location: North of Ohonua on the west side of ‘Eua.

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