Where to Stay on 'Eua: The Best 'Eua Accommodations© TongaPocketGuide.com
Where to Stay on 'Eua: The Best 'Eua Accommodations

Where to Stay on ‘Eua: The Best ‘Eua Accommodations

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Where is the Best Place to Stay on ‘Eua?

Get off the beaten track and stay with the locals on the island of ‘Eua. Tonga’s second-largest island, located just south of Tongatapu, is a place to really embrace nature and the simple life. This is also reflected in the accommodations, which are no-frills but utterly affordable and mostly run by locals. Accommodation on ‘Eua is a mix of lodges, guesthouses, private units and retreats. Aside from choosing an accommodation, you’re going to want to know where to stay on ‘Eua, as accommodations are scattered across the island’s central villages and beachfront. Either way, we’ll make your accommodation-choosing process a little more clear with this guide to the best accommodations on ‘Eua!

Note that Tonga is an ever-evolving country, especially when it comes to accommodation. With that in mind, some of the services accommodations provide are known to change without notice. If there is any information needing an update in the listings below, feel free to reach out!

While you’re here, also take a look at The Complete Travel Guide to ‘Eua to plan more of your stay on the “forgotten island”.

The Top 9 Accommodations on ‘Eua

Before we dive into this complete guide on where to stay on ‘Eua, we thought you’d find it helpful for us to list our top 10 ‘Eua accommodations and where to find them.

  1. Blue Water Retreat – Tufuvai Beach (west coast)
  2. Tukia Complex – Ha’atu’a (south central village)
  3. ‘Alakoka Tahi Moana Guest House (Kiko’s) – Angaha (north central village)
  4. Talei’s Guesthouse – Angaha (north central village)
  5. Pacific-Sila Lodge – Sapa’ata (central village)
  6. Seta’s Guest House – Tufuvai (west coast village)
  7. Falakiko Guesthouse – Angaha (north central village)
  8. Toafa Lodge – Pangai (north central village)
  9. Highlight Guesthouse – Mata’aho (central village)

Find out more about these accommodations in the guide below!

Where to Stay on 'Eua: The Best 'Eua Accommodations© TongaPocketGuide.com

‘Eua Accommodation in Tufuvai (West Coast)

If your idea of paradise is staying as close to the beach as possible, then you’ll want to choose an accommodation near the village of Tufuvai. Tufuvai lies on the west coast of ‘Eua and boasts breathtaking sunsets and a prime position for watching humpback whales from shore during the whale season. On the downside, you’re a little far from the shops and services of the villages in the centre of the island, but this is mitigated with Blue Water Retreat offering meals at their restaurant for guests and Seta’s Guest House having car rental available.

More About Staying in Tufuvai and the West Coast of ‘Eua

What’s Tufuvai good for? Proximity to beaches, as well as a few historical sites.
What to do there? Tufuvai Beach, Blue Water Retreat’s whale watching tours, spearfishing and island tours, Tokopuha Folokotoa historical site and more – see the 50 Best Things to Do on ‘Eua.
Where to eat? Blue Water Retreat’s restaurant is only open to guests.

6 Best Resorts in 'Eua© TongaPocketGuide.com

Blue Water Retreat

The closest thing to a resort on ‘Eua, Blue Water Retreat offers a small selection of ocean-view ensuite bungalows; four with a queen/twin bed with double and single occupancy rates and three family bungalows. The bungalows are recently renovated and feature a private deck where you can watch the sunset and see whales on the horizon during the whale season. Also in the mix are elegant glamping tents atop an elevated private deck and kitted out with tasteful furniture.

Ferry/airport transfers are included in the accommodation rates, while whale watching, spearfishing and island tours, as well as creative buffet-style meals at the onsite restaurant, can all be organised with the resort for an effortless stay.

6 Best Resorts in 'Eua© TongaPocketGuide.com

Seta’s Guest House

Get the holiday home experience at Seta’s Guest House or make your stay ultra-affordable by renting out one of the double rooms in the basement.

Located on the edge of Tufuvai village, Seta’s upstairs unit has two bedrooms that sleep up to five guests. You’ll have your own bathroom, lounge and fully-equipped kitchen with tea, coffee, sugar and sometimes fresh fruit to get you started. Downstairs are a series of private rooms with single and double occupancy rates which are much more basic.

Your hosts also offer car hire for a daily fee, airport/wharf transfers for a fee, and can arrange whale tours and 4WD tours of the island on your behalf. What’s more, you’re only a three-minute walk from the beach!

Where to Stay on 'Eua: The Best 'Eua Accommodations© TongaPocketGuide.com

‘Eua Accommodation in Angaha and Pangai (North Central Villages)

Most of ‘Eua’s villages are compacted together in the island’s interior with not much to differentiate them other than their village signs. At the northern end of this cluster of villages are the villages of Angaha on the west side of the main road and Pangai on the east side. These villages are relatively convenient places to stay where you have access to a few larger grocery stores and even two accommodations with restaurants open to outside guests.

More About Staying in Angaha and Pangai

What’s Angaha and Pangai good for? Proximity to services and offices for the ferries, phone networks, banks, grocery stores and restaurants – see Information, Shops & Services on ‘Eua.
What to do there? ‘Alakoka Tahi Moana Guest House (Kiko’s) whale tours, spearfishing and island tours are also available to non-guests – see the 50 Best Things to Do on ‘Eua.
Where to eat? Talei’s (Fane’s) Restaurant, ‘Alakoka Restaurant and Lei’ataua Canteen.

Where to Stay on 'Eua: The Best 'Eua Accommodations© TongaPocketGuide.com

Talei’s Guesthouse

A well-presented guesthouse complex at the northern end of Angaha, Talei’s Guesthouse boasts six private units, as well as a restaurant and liquor store on-site. Food is at the fore of this affordable accommodation with breakfast included and one of the only restaurants on the island.

All rooms are ensuite with basic necessities like a desk, hot water and a fan, while layouts consist of queen, twin and triple (one queen and one single) rooms. Your hosts also offer complimentary wharf/airport transfers.

Where to Stay on 'Eua: The Best 'Eua Accommodations© TongaPocketGuide.com

‘Alakoka Tahi Moana Guest House (Kiko’s)

Also in Angaha village, ‘Alakoka Tahi Moana Guest House is all about the experience with your hosts, Kiko and his family. Not only does the accommodation offer whale swimming tours but also guided hikes and 4WD tours.

As for the accommodation, choose from one of nine no-frills rooms with bed layouts sleeping one to six guests. Guests can spend their downtime playing pool, cooking in the large communal kitchen, dining at the on-site restaurant (not available Sunday), or joining for kava nights, Sunday umu and bonfires on the beach when there are enough people staying. Most bathrooms are shared and there are also laundry machines available.

Where to Stay on 'Eua: The Best 'Eua Accommodations© Toafa Lodge

Toafa Lodge

The new kid on the block, Toafa Lodge offers 10 private queen ensuites along the main road in Pangai. In-room amenities include hot drink-making facilities (but you’ll need to provide your own drinks), while complimentary breakfast is served in your room. Rooms have tiled floors to keep the place cool, while the ensuite bathrooms are fully tiled.

Other services include lunch and dinner if ordered ahead of time, airport/wharf transfers for a fee, and car rental for a daily fee. They can also arrange whale watching and island tours on your behalf. Toafa Lodge is available to book on Booking.com.

Where to Stay on 'Eua: The Best 'Eua Accommodations© TongaPocketGuide.com

Falakiko Guesthouse

Another delightfully local homestay-style accommodation, Falakiko Guesthouse in Angaha village consists of three private units on the grounds of a local family home. There are rooms suitable for solo travellers, couples and groups of three, each with affordable rates per person.

Each unit has ensuite facilities with a spacious tiled shower, while you’ll also have a fridge and fan. Although there are no cooking facilities, your hosts can cook breakfast and lunch for a reasonable price. For dinner, restaurants are listed in The Complete Travel Guide to ‘Eua.

Your hosts also offer island tours for a decent price, taking you to see approximately four of ‘Eua’s natural attractions. Airport/wharf transfers are also free for pick-up and a small fee for drop-off.

Where to Stay on 'Eua: The Best 'Eua Accommodations© TongaPocketGuide.com

‘Eua Accommodation in Mata’aho and Sapa’ata (Central Villages)

At the heart of ‘Eua’s cluster of central villages are the Mata’aho on the east side of the main road and Sapa’ata on the west side. This area also has plenty of grocery stores, while just behind Sapa’ata is ‘Eua Kaufana Airport. Those looking for a bit of a stroll can enjoy a walk to the Hafu Pool and a little further to Big ‘Ovava Tree #1. These villages are quintessential Tongan villages, so it’s easy enough to find yourself involved in cultural activities like faikava and Sunday church.

More About Staying in Mata’aho and Sapa’ata

What’s Mata’aho and Sapa’ata good for? Proximity to grocery stores, some natural attractions and cultural activities
What to do there? Hafu Pool, Big ‘Ovava Tree #1, Heke Slide, faikava, church and more  – see the 50 Best Things to Do on ‘Eua.
Where to eat? It’s best to self-cater when staying in Mata’aho and Sapa’ata.

Where to Stay on 'Eua: The Best 'Eua Accommodations© TongaPocketGuide.com

Pacific-Sila Lodge

Split into two guesthouses, Pacific-Sila Lodge is your home away from home in the village of Sapa’ata. Either rent one of the double or twin rooms and share the guesthouse facilities, or rent the entire unit for your group.

Whatever you choose, you’ll have access to a cutely decorated lounge, laundry facilities and a well-equipped kitchen where supplies are easy to gather from one of the three grocery stores nearby or even from the on-site fale koloa (small shop).

Where to Stay on 'Eua: The Best 'Eua Accommodations© TongaPocketGuide.com

Highlight Guesthouse

Highlight Guesthouse is a long-established guesthouse on the island offering a homely local vibe. What’s more, it’s easy to find it signposted along the main road in Mata’aho village. The family-style home has four private rooms ideal for solo travellers, couples and families of three. There are also two shared bathrooms with a shower-in-bath set-up in one and it’s an extra TOP$10 if you want a hot shower.

Either use the communal kitchen for TOP$5 or order meals to experience some local cooking. Finally, they offer reasonably priced island tours to experience ‘Eua’s natural sights lasting four to six hours.

Where to Stay on 'Eua: The Best 'Eua Accommodations© TongaPocketGuide.com

‘Eua Accommodation in Ha’atu’a (South Central Village)

Finally, accommodation can also be found in ‘Eua’s southernmost village, Ha’atu’a. This is only a short drive or a long walk from the rest of ‘Eua’s central cluster of villages, but Ha’atu’a also has its own selection of fale koloa (small shops) if you need to pick up some essentials. This is also the gateway village to the ‘Eua National Park where dirt roads into the park and its natural attractions begin. If you’re more keen on hiking in the park rather than taking a 4WD tour, Ha’atu’a could be a good option.

More About Staying in Ha’atu’a

What’s Ha’atu’a good for? The closest village to the ‘Eua National Park main entry point.
What to do there? ‘Big Ovava Tree #2 and ‘Ana ‘Ahu, and a bit further, Lokupo Lookout and Rat’s Cave – see the 50 Best Things to Do on ‘Eua.
Where to eat? It’s best to self-cater when staying in Ha’atu’a.

Where to Stay on 'Eua: The Best 'Eua Accommodations© TongaPocketGuide.com

Tukia Complex

Providing fantastic value, Tukia Complex is ideal for the traveller seeking a self-sufficient stay. They offer two two-bedroom units and one one-bedroom unit, all fully self-contained with a bathroom and an open-plan lounge and dining area with a full kitchen including an oven.

All rooms are equipped with a double bed, making this a good option for couples and groups of friends travelling together. A few welcome touches are some light toiletries provided, an iron (which is quite rare in Tonga) and complimentary airport/wharf transfers. You’ll also be able to do your laundry!

A rental car is advised for staying at this out-of-town accommodation in Ha’atu’a, which you can find out more about in The Best Car Rentals on ‘Eua.

Where to Stay on 'Eua: The Best 'Eua Accommodations© TongaPocketGuide.com

The Best Accommodation on ‘Eua: Accommodation Categories

By now, you’ve probably realised that ‘Eua has accommodations appealing to most types of travellers and that here, at Tonga Pocket Guide, we’ve ranked all the best! Browse ‘Eua accommodation by category using the following links:

Plan more of your trip according to different travel styles using The Complete Travel Guide to ‘Eua.

More About Where to Stay on ‘Euia + The Best ‘Eua Accommodations

Well done for making it this far in our guide to the best ‘Eua accommodations. By now, you probably have a good idea of where to stay on ‘Eua, so plan the rest of your trip with these guides:

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