How to Get Around Tonga 169 islands, five island groups and countless attractions, Tonga is a country that you’re going to want to explore! From inter-island travel to simply getting between the air
What You Need to Know About Sailing in Tonga Tonga becomes a hub of yacht activity between May and October, where yachts take their Transpacific journey on their way west. The islands are a must on a
Car Rental Companies in Vava’u Explore Vava’u at your own pace by hiring a car! Hiring a car makes it easy to stay out of town at one of Vava’u’s idyllic accommodations, yet you’re never too
Taxi Rates in Tonga How much does a taxi cost in Tonga? Taxis offer a fairly affordable way to get around the islands of Tongatapu and Vava’u’s main island and causeway-connected islands. They’l
Flight Destinations in Tonga Taking slow cargo ships, ferries or sailing isn’t for everyone. Flights are frequently available to Tonga from overseas, as well as between islands. Get out and explore
Taxi Tips for Tonga! Taxis are a pretty universal transport method, but the way they work differs slightly from country to country. Wise up to the way that taxis work in Tonga, from identifying offici
Ferry Transport in Tonga Tonga is a nation of 169 islands, so to really experience it you’re going to need to do some island-hopping. One of the cheapest ways to do that is to take the ferry. Taking
What are the Public Transport Options in Tonga? Tonga is a destination of discovery, where some of the best adventures can be had by taking public transport. “Public transport” in Tonga are all pr
How to Save Money on Tonga Airfares Any money saved before your big trip to Tonga means more whale swimming, more epic snorkelling excursions or even another glass of refreshing Tongan beer! Sure, get
Which Cruises Go to Tonga? 169 islands scattered in a line across the South Pacific, Tonga is made for cruising. In fact, the island group of Vava’u is said to be one of the best sailing grounds in
What You Need to Know About Driving in Tonga With many landscapes to admire, historical sites to discover and amazing natural attractions, a road trip in Tonga has so much to offer! But like anywhere
Travel Advice: Car Rentals in Tonga Renting a car is an amazing way to explore the islands of Tongatapu and Vava’u in Tonga! See the natural and historical sights at your own pace, stay out of town
How to Commute in Tonga Although Tonga is made up of 169 islands, only a handful of islands have public transport and car rentals to make “commuting” in Tonga a thing. Travellers will find bus and
Airport Transport in Tonga How do you get between your accommodation and the airports in Tonga? You have two main options: taxis and accommodation shuttles/transfers. A small number of tour operators
Budgeting Tips for a Cruise to Tonga Cruising the Pacific Ocean on a luxurious cruise, hopping from one idyllic island to the next, is not a bad way to explore the South Pacific. Tonga is on the itine