How Easy is it to Drive in Tonga? Pretty easy! With a relatively good road network across Tongatapu and Vava’u combined with a small population of people using the roads, driving in Tonga is far fro
Can You Get a Ferry Pass to Travel Around Tonga? The short answer: no. There are no ferry passes in Tonga that allows you to do multiple trips with one ticket. Ferry tickets can be purchased for one-w
Travelling in Tonga: Car Rental Vs. Taxi Both transport options offer a way to get around Tonga when you want and where you want. But which is better; car rental or taxis? Both options are available o
Explore Tonga by Bus Travelling on a budget? Bus travel in Tonga might just be your new best friend, allowing you to get across islands for no more than TOP$3! Catching the bus in Tonga is not only a
Transport Around Tonga You’ve figured out how to get to Tonga, now how are you going to get around? From boats to buses to flights, there are plenty of ways to get around the Kingdom’s 169 islands