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Events, Conferences, Public Holidays and Festivals in Tonga Tonga is full of ever-changing events each year, from tourism festivals to village beautification competitions to beauty pageants. However,
Enjoy a Very Merry Tongan Christmas! It’s the same every year: struggling for ideas for presents to your loved ones or having time off work that you don’t know what to do with. How about doing som
What is Easter Like in Tonga? Public holidays are usually a time that gets us travellers all confused. What are the local celebrations? Are businesses still open? What is there to do? Easter is one of
Why Get Married in Tonga? Although millions of people get married every year, how many do you know who have gotten married in Tonga? If you’re looking for an alternative South Pacific paradise to sa
What to Do on a Rainy Day in Tonga Has the tropical weather caught up with you? It’s not always sunny skies in Tonga but if it’s raining today, then chances are that it won’t be tomorrow or even
What’s it Like to Spend Christmas in Tonga? Forget snow, forget pine trees and over-consumerism, Tonga does Christmas a little differently. It might even make you want to change the way you do Chris
The Guide to the New Year in Tonga Tonga is the first country in the world to see the New Year due to its prime spot on the International Dateline. That reason alone is well worth celebrating New Year
What to Do in Tonga for New Year’s Eve Tonga features on many international rankings for being one country that you need to experience for New Year. It’s one of the very first countries in the wor
Events and Festivals in Tonga in 2020 Tonga sure knows how to party, with amazing street parades, competitions for singing and dancing, as well as spiritual Christian celebrations. Attending one of th
What are the Public Holidays in Tonga? Don’t want your trip to Tonga to clash with a public holiday? Or perhaps you want to see how Tongans celebrate special events? You might even be on a work visa
What to Do on Sundays in Tonga You’ve probably heard how things slow down on a Sunday in Tonga. Sunday is a sacred day in Tonga, thus the reason why many businesses and transport are closed on this