Tonga Bus Fares How much does it cost to travel Tonga by bus? The short answer is “not much”! Buses provide the cheapest transport for getting around Tonga, where fares will only ever cost
How to Book and Pay for a Bus in Tonga Getting around Tongatapu and Vava’u by bus is the cheapest way to get around these larger islands of Tonga. Local buses are available and extremely cheap, runn
Day Tours and Multi-Day Tours in Tonga What are the best bus tours in Tonga? Well, the first thing to note is that bus tours in Tonga might not be the type of bus tour that you’re used to. As an isl
Bus Tips for Tonga Taking the bus in the South Pacific is renowned for being a cultural experience, which is no different in Tonga! Buses casually make their way around the islands of Tongatapu and Va
Explore Tonga by Bus Travelling on a budget? Bus travel in Tonga might just be your new best friend, allowing you to get across islands for no more than TOP$3! Catching the bus in Tonga is not only a
How to Commute in Tonga Although Tonga is made up of 169 islands, only a handful of islands have public transport and car rentals to make “commuting” in Tonga a thing. Travellers will find bus and