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Why Visit Tonga? Looking for a new place to go on holiday? Perhaps seeking a unique backpacking destination or have a week off work that you have no idea what to do with? Well, perhaps Tonga is your c
When to Visit Tonga The question is: when is there are a “bad” time to visit Tonga? We all have different perceptions of when is a good time to visit a place. It could be the weather, what activit
Largest Landmasses in Tonga Will you be visiting the largest island in Tonga? Does Tonga even have large islands? Find out in this list of the 10 largest islands in Tonga! Tonga as a whole covers an a
The Ultimate Tonga Packing List! You’ve booked the flights, you know what amazing experiences in Tonga are on your bucket list, you’ve even drawn out some Tongan pa’anga… Now, all that stands
What is Where in Tonga? Tongatapu, ‘Eua, Ha’apai, Vava’u and The Niuas: what does it all mean?! When planning a trip to Tonga, getting your head around the 170 islands split into five different
The Weather in Tonga: Month-by-Month When is the best month to visit Tonga? What celebrations are there and what are the seasonal activities? We go through all of that and more in this travelling Tong
What is the Tonga Passenger Departure Card? After a getaway to Tonga, there’s one last formality you need to go through for the good people at Tongan Customs: completing the Tonga Passenger Departur
Tonga Travel Tips That You Need to Know Looking for an adventure in South Pacific? Perhaps to experience a unique culture, see a variety of gorgeous island landscapes, discover an intriguing history,
Packing Essentials for Tonga What are the things you can’t forget to pack for Tonga? You already know you need some sunglasses, probably a few pieces of underwear, but what else are absolute essenti
Tips for Packing for Tonga What should you pack for Tonga? Well, the answer to that question is answered in our Complete Packing List for Tonga. But for a few things worth sharing when it comes to ite