Fun Facts About Tonga for Kids© Tonga Tourism Authority
Fun Facts About Tonga for Kids

45 Fun Facts About Tonga for Kids

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Learn Some Trivia About Tonga!

Every parent wants to make sure the whole family gets the most out of a trip to a new country. Tonga is a fascinating nation with a captivating culture, breathtaking landscapes and wildlife that kids love. Get your children excited for their family holiday to Tonga by sharing some interesting, random and even funny facts about Tonga with them! We’ve compiled as many facts as possible in this list of fun facts about Tonga for kids.

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Things to Do in Tonga with Kids

Before we dive into the fun facts, here are a few activities in Tonga you might want to consider doing as a family.

  1. Go for a dip inside the ‘Anahulu Cave
  2. Watch awesome blowholes shooting up water at the Mapua ‘a Vaea Blowholes
  3. See the fishes on one of the amazing snorkelling tours
  4. See the wild horses and play in the rock gardens in ‘Eua
  5. Get out on the water in a kayak.

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Fun Facts About the Islands

Learn something new, interesting and perhaps a little random in this list of fun facts about the islands of Tonga – ideal for sharing with kids!

  1. Tonga has 170 islands
  2. Only 36 of them are inhabited
  3. Tonga is split into 5 island groups: Tongatapu, ‘Eua, Ha’apai, Vava’u and The Niuas
  4. The capital of Tonga is Nuku’alofa and it’s on the island of Tongatapu
  5. Tongatapu is Tonga’s largest island
  6. The airport runway in Ha’apai has a main road passing through it
  7. The island group of The Niuas is closer to Samoa than it is to Tonga’s other islands
  8. There is a disappearing and reappearing island in Ha’apai called Fonuafo’ou
  9. Tonga is one of the first countries to see the new day because it is in the first time zone
  10. The Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcanic eruption was the largest recorded in 140 years

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Fun Facts About the Tonga Wildlife

Tonga is also home to an abundance of interesting wildlife, from a small selection of birds and bats to countless marine creatures. Check out some fun facts about them in the list below!

  1. Bats, or flying foxes, are the property of the king
  2. There are around 660 species of fish in Tonga
  3. Whales travel 4,830 km (3,000 mi) from Antarctica to get to Tonga
  4. Tonga is one of the few places in the world where you are allowed to swim with whales
  5. There is one venomous snake in Tonga, the sea snake, however, they cannot break through human skin to bite you even if they were interested
  6. There are three species of sea turtles in Tonga
  7. Tonga was home to a 200-year-old tortoise that is said to have been gifted to King George Tupou I by Captain James Cook in July 1777
  8. The red shining parrot, the koki, can only be found in Tonga on the island of ‘Eua and one island in Fiji
  9. There are birds called pekapeka that live in caves and use sonar like a bat

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Fun Facts About Tongan History

Ok, not all kids are into history, but they might just like these fun facts about things that have happened in Tonga.

  1. The island of Niuafo’ou used to be called “Tin Can Island” because the only way ships could get mail to the island was to put mail in a biscuit tin and throw it into the water near the island
  2. The swimmer who retrieved the biscuit tin for Tin Can Island was taken out by a shark
  3. King Taufa’ahau Tupou IV still holds the Guinness Book Record for being the world’s heaviest king
  4. British explorer, James Cook, was lured to a feast by a Tongan chief so the chief and his men could ambush Cook and his crew. However, the plan was abandoned and James Cook ironically named Tonga the “Friendly Islands”
  5. Tonga is the only Pacific country to have never been colonised
  6. The first humans in Tonga settled in Nukuleka on Tongatapu, which is thought to be the birthplace of the Polynesian culture
  7. Tongans used to believe in the gods of the sun, earth, heavens and sea until missionaries first converted locals in the 17th century. The king was baptised in 1831 and today, 98% of the population are Christian!
  8. Ha’amonga ‘a Maui is a mysterious stone trilithon on Tongatapu often referred to as the “Stonehenge of the Pacific.” Its purpose remains uncertain, but it is believed to have had astronomical and ceremonial significance!

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Fun Facts About the People of Tonga

And what would a visit to Tonga be without people? Here are some interesting facts about the people of Tonga.

  1. Around 100,000 people are living in Tonga
  2. There are more Tongans living outside of Tonga than in Tonga
  3. Handicrafts are a core part of the Tongan culture, with one of the most important pieces being the tapa cloth. It is made from the beaten bark of a mulberry tree
  4. A traditional form of dancing is called lakalaka
  5. When a slow dance known as a tau’olunga is performed, it is customary to offer fakapale by tucking bank notes into the performer’s clothing
  6. Every high school in Tonga has a brass band
  7. A favourite seafood dish in Tonga is ‘ota ika, which is raw fish marinated in coconut milk
  8. Most of Tonga has the same dialect, except Niuafo’ouans who speak with aspects of the Samoan language
  9. Almost the entire population of Tonga worship a denomination of Christianity
  10. In the Tongan culture, wearing all black means that you are in mourning
  11. The heilala is the national flower of Tonga, which wearing is a sign of wealth
  12. Sunday is a day of rest in Tonga, where it’s illegal to do business transactions, to play sports/exercise and to do most chores.

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Fun Facts About the Tongan Language

The different languages heard when visiting a new exotic place always stick with adults and little ones alike. Here are some interesting facts about the Tongan language.

  1. The Tongan language is locally known as “Fakatongan” or “Lea Faka-Tonga“!
  2. There are 17 letters in the Tongan alphabet
  3. There are several numbering systems in Tonga, for instance, counting coconuts, yams or fish has a different numbering system for each
  4. The islanders of Niuafo’ou have their own unique dialect known as Niuafo’ouan
  5. There is a vowel in every single syllable pronounced in Tongan
  6. Ng” is seen as one letter in the Tongan alphabet.

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More Fun Facts About Tonga for Kids

That’s it for our list of fun facts about Tonga for kids, but the funniest of facts are those that you learn on holiday. Check out the below articles to learn more about making your island trip a reality:

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