10 Best Snorkelling Tours in Tonga
10 Best Snorkelling Tours in Tonga

10 Best Snorkelling Tours in Tonga

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Guided Snorkelling in Tonga

Don’t settle for mediocre snorkelling from your resort’s beach. Get to the good stuff by jumping on one of the snorkelling tours in Tonga! Float over shallow coral reefs, swim into incredible caves and hop from island to island as part of one of the many snorkelling boat tours available in the Kingdom. Most of the time, snorkelling tours provide the gear so you just need to bring a sense of adventure with you. Check out some of our top picks for Tonga snorkelling tours in the list below.

1. Tuna Moana

Head out to explore the lagoon and outer reef of Tongatapu with its array of stunning islands and marine life with Tuna Moana. Departing from Faua Wharf in Nuku’alofa, Tongatapu, Tuna Moana’s snorkelling island tour gives you the chance to snorkel among lively coral bommies with all of the snorkelling gear included. The tour lasts approximately 6-7 hours and includes lunch on one of the islands. As a plus, they run a single-use plastic-free boat for a more eco-friendly experience. Check out their whale swimming tours too in the 8 Best Whale Swim Tours on Tongatapu.

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2. Treasure Island Eco Resort

Island exploration and snorkelling combine in the Historical Adventure in Paradise Snorkel Tour with Treasure Island Eco Resort. This remote resort in Vava’u offers a guided snorkelling experience where you’ll visit a nearby island to snorkel in stunning caves and hike to the tomb of a Samoan princess. You’ll also stop for lunch on this 3-4-hour tour. This tour is available from October to July but other customised snorkelling tours are available throughout the year.

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3. Dive Tonga

Join Dive Tonga in Vava’u who offers snorkelling tours to Vava’u’s various reef systems and coral bommies. Whether you want to snorkel at a shallow reef or get stuck into some freediving, they’ll find the perfect spot. Their boats depart from Neiafu and they also offer scuba diving tours and courses. See more snorkelling tours in the area in the 9 Best Snorkelling Tours in Vava’u.

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4. Taufatahi Charters

Offering full-day tours (and half-day tours outside of the whale season), Taufatahi Charters in Tongatapu is a great snorkelling tour option. Join them on a boat tour of the small islands scattered across Tongatapu, with snorkelling, beachcombing and lunch included. Their tours depart from Faua Wharf in Neiafu. Check out their whale swimming tours too!

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5. Ha’apai Beach Resort

On the shores of the main island of Ha’apai, Ha’apai Beach Resort provides snorkelling tours from Lifuka. Aside from their SSI scuba diving offering, they also have snorkelling trips where their local guides will show you the best nearby snorkelling spots. The trips include light refreshments in between snorkelling stops. Check out some of their scuba offerings in The Best Scuba Diving Tours in Ha’apai.

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6. Sea Change Eco Retreat

Another option in Ha’apai is from the Sea Change Eco Retreat on Uoleva Island. Not only do they offer complimentary use of snorkelling gear to explore the waters directly outside of the resort, but they also do snorkelling boat trips when boats are available. Only a minimum of two is needed for this snorkel tour to go ahead, which also include tea/coffee and biscuits to keep you going. Learn more about the resorts in Ha’apai here.

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7. Hakau Adventures

A fun adventure for all of the family, Hakau Adventures offers snorkelling tours in Vava’u. Visit uninhabited islands and be shown dreamy snorkelling spots suitable to your swimming and snorkelling ability, including many that we mention in the 10 Places to Snorkel in Vava’u. Your guide will share the history of the islands you visit, while you’ll also have all of the snorkelling gear and lunch provided.

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8. Riki Tiki Tours

Enjoy a relaxed tour with Riki, exploring the islands and top snorkelling spots like Swallows Cave and Mariner’s Cave in Vava’u. Riki Tiki Tours is a year-round operator departing from Vava’u, offering boat transport, snorkelling and diving trips. He can provide wetsuits, which is a good idea in winter, but you might need to hire snorkelling gear from in town if you don’t have your own. Find Riki Tiki Tours next to the Mango Cafe.

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9. Whale Song Tonga

While they offer popular whale swimming tours in the whale season, Whale Song Tonga also offer tours to some exciting snorkelling locations. As well as the must-visit Swallows’ Cave, Mariner’s Cave and the Japanese Gardens, the team will also take you to drift above the Coral Gardens and stop at the stunning Nuku Island for lunch. Food is prepared on an onboard barbecue. Whale Song Tonga also provide snorkelling gear and wetsuits.

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10. Explore Vava’u

Based out of the wharf close to the Mango Cafe, as well as at the Mandala Resort, Explore Vava’u has a wide range of tours and experiences including snorkelling. Their Caves Snorkel Tour takes you to three different caves found around the islands or hop on their standard Snorkel Boat Tour to explore the eastern islands of Vava’u where you can snorkel above intriguing reef systems in some of the less-visited areas. Finally, amp up the snorkelling experience with a guided Sea Scooter tour!

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More Snorkelling Tours in Tonga

That’s it for the best snorkelling tours in Tonga. Inspire yourself with more experiences with the 101 Best Things to Do in Tonga: The Ultimate List. Plus, get even more tips in The Complete Travel Guide to Tonga.


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