The Complete Guide to Vava’u

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Travel Guide to Vava’u

Water, water, water, it’s all about the water in the island archipelago of Vava’u. Sitting in the north of Tonga, Vava’u and its 50 islands are often described as some of the best sailing grounds in the South Pacific. It’s warm sheltered waters are also what attract Humpback Whales every year (July-October) to mate and calve, while it also means you have incredible visibility for scuba diving, ideal conditions for kayaking and kitesurfing, and oh yeah, the sports fishing here is something else!

Vava’u certainly has the most options when it comes water activities in Tonga, offering more than 15 whale swimming tours, more than 10 snorkelling tours, more than 10 fishing charters, and the list goes on, making other destinations in Tonga almost feel like there’s “nothing to do”. That’s not to say that there aren’t almost too many operators in Vava’u competing to make you happy, so choose your Vava’u tours with ethics and sustainability in mind.

As for places to stay, you could be spending your time on one of the idyllic outer islands with boutique resorts or somewhere more convenient, like the main town of the island group, Neiafu. Learn about it all according to your unique travel style in this complete travel guide to Vava’u!

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