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10 Adult-Only Activities in Vava'u

10 Adult-Only Activities in Vava’u

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Activities in Vava’u for Adults

A stunning and tranquil destination like the islands of Vava’u certainly doesn’t need the disturbance of noisy children! That’s the mantra of most travellers heading to the South Pacific on an adults-only holiday. Although many of Vava’u’s experiences are open to people of all ages, there are some more adventurous and relaxing activities that, incidentally, are more aimed toward adults. So whether you’re on a couple’s getaway, a holiday with friends or taking some time away from your own kids (hehe!), these are the ways to make the most of your time on an adults-only holiday. Check out these adult-only activities in Vava’u.

When you’re done, head over to The Adults-Only Guide to Vava’u for more tips for planning the perfect island escape.

1. Explore Vava’u via Yacht

Ensure you spend the day (or a few days) with like-minded individuals or the people you choose on a sailing charter! Vava’u is home to some of the most magnificent sailing grounds in the South Pacific, which you can only understand once you sail yourself. All-inclusive shared and private sailing charters are available, such as TradeWinds. Find out more about the experience in the 10 Best Boat & Sailing Tours in Vava’u.

Location: Sailing charters depart from Neiafu Harbour, typically at Fangafoa Marina, ‘Utu Vava’u.

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2. Swim with Humpback Whales

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience swimming with enchanting humpback whales, available between July and October. Although there are more than 25 operators taking visitors out to see the whales, the Tonga Pocket Guide team only saw one child out when watching the boats depart for two whole mornings with the Tongan Government’s Whale Enforcement. So, chances are, you’ll only be sharing the experience with like-minded whale lovers! More private whale swimming experiences are available with Kiwi Magic and Blue Lagoon Resort by only allowing four passengers per boat. Find out more about operators in the 10 Best Whale Swim Tours in Vava’u.

Location: All over Vava’u! See the link above for departure locations.

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3. Scuba Dive in Crystal Clear Waters

With divers needing to be certified to go out with dive operators to Vava’u’s dive sites, scuba diving is not an experience with noisy kids! Vava’u is home to some wonderful scuba diving where hundreds of tropical fish, sharks, nudibranchs, soft coral and hard coral are seen on a daily basis (except for Sundays when tours are not permitted to operate under Tongan law). Divers also have the opportunity to do wreck dives, swim into caves, see magnificent drop-offs and more! Check out dive boats in The Best Dive Shops & Operators in Vava’u.

Location: Most dive boats depart from Fangafoa Marina, Neiafu, ‘Utu Vava’u.

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4. Drink and Be Merry at One of Neiafu’s Bars

Drink like a sailor in the yachtie’s paradise of Vava’u! Neiafu is a hub of restaurants with great bars, including The Basque Tavern on a hilltop, boasting awesome views of the Neiafu Harbour. The Mango Cafe is a popular spot with a full bar and restaurant right on the water’s edge. Le Galion has an uber-fun Tongan-style burlesque show once a week. Finally, check out the Bellavista Cafe & Restaurant for its excellent wine and beer selection along with views over the harbour.

There are also some excellent resorts with bars open to casual diners and drinkers, including the Tongan Beach Resort on ‘Utungake Island and the Mounu Island Resort with its beachfront Moby Dick Bar. Learn more about the best bars across the Kingdom in the 10 Best Bars in Tonga and The Ultimate Guide to Nightlife in Tonga.

Location: All over Vava’u! See the links above for recommended locations.

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5. Get Out on the Water on a Fishing Charter

By this point, you’re probably starting to think that Vava’u has it all with amazing sailing, whale swimming, scuba diving and now amazing fishing?! Well, Vava’u does offer some of the best fishing in Tonga with excellent waters for catching marlin and giant trevally! Join one of the island group’s reputable fishing charters with passionate guides to show you the ropes for catching monsters in tropical waters! Compare your options in The Best Fishing Charters in Vava’u.

Location: Fishing charters depart from Toula and Neiafu, ‘Utu Vava’u. See the link above for specific locations.

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6. Harness the Elements in Kitesurfing

With many of Vava’u’s islands lined with sheltered lagoons and experiencing decent tradewinds all year round, the kitesurfing here is epic! Resorts like Mounu Island Resort offer lessons, gear rental and gear purchase (if given advanced notice). Otherwise, feel free to bring your own gear to make use of Vava’u’s amazing kitesurfing terrain particularly outside of Mounu Island Resort, Blue Lagoon Resort and Treasure Island Eco Resort.

Location: Mounu Island, Foeata Island (Blue Lagoon) and Euaiki Island (Treasure Island).

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7. Reconnect with Yourself with a Yoga Session

Arguably, self-guided yoga can be enjoyed from just about anywhere in Vava’u (how about one of the island lookouts?) but those staying at the Mandala Resort with TradeWinds have the pleasure of doing yoga at the island’s purpose-built beachfront pavilion. Not only is the experience designed for adults to reconnect with the mind, body and soul, but the resort itself is adults-only ensuring a peaceful experience. More about yoga retreats can be found in the 5 Beautiful Places to Experience Yoga in Tonga.

Location: Mandala Resort, between Mafana and Ofu Islands.

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8. Relax at an Adults-Only Resort

Vava’u is slowly starting to see more and more resorts that are exclusively for guests over a certain age. Needless to say, relaxing on the beaches at these resorts offers an idyllic and tranquil experience. The Dream Island Resort is exclusively for guests aged 16 years and over. Alternatively, the Mandala Resort and sailing experience with TradeWinds is a retreat for guests over the age of 16 unless hired privately. Learn more about these resorts in the 5 Best Adults-Only Resorts in Tonga.

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9. Try the National Drink, Kava

Engage in the local culture by joining a kava circle, locally known as faikava. In the Tongan culture, typically men sit in a circle around a kava bowl and socialise (just like going down to the local pub). Nevertheless, both men and women can sample this experience, as locals are usually very welcoming and proud to share this aspect of their culture. Locally-run guesthouses in Neiafu and Toula are the best ones to go to help organise this experience for you. And just so you know what you’re drinking, kava is a slightly narcotic drink made from the ground-up root of a pepper plant grown across the South Pacific.

If you’re joining a faikava in a village, it’s customary to bring some cash (TOP$50) or kava to contribute. Learn more about aspects of the Tongan culture in The Guide to the Tongan Culture and Traditions.

Location: All over Vava’u!

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10. Enjoy a Self-Guided Tiki Tour Around the Main Island

Ensure an adults-only experience by exploring the main island, ‘Utu Vava’u, and its surrounding causeway-connected islands independently by hiring a car or bicycle. Gaze upon some sensational views from the many island lookouts, discover breathtaking beaches all to yourself, check out historical sites, caves and much more. See what attractions are worth hitting in the Top 10 Sights in Vava’u and check out where to rent some wheels in The Best Car Rentals in Vava’u and Where to Rent Bicycles in Tonga.

Location: All over Vava’u! Vehicle rentals are available in Neiafu and some accommodations. Check out the links above for recommended locations.

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More Adult-Only Activities in Vava’u

That’s it for our list of the best adult-only activities in Vava’u. For more tips to plan the ultimate adults-only getaway, check out the following:

Finally, if there’s anything we’ve missed, you’re likely to find it in The Complete Travel Guide to Vava’u and the 50 Best Things to Do in Vava’u.


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