10 Best Dive Sites in Vava'u(c) Pixabay
10 Best Dive Sites in Vava'u

10 Best Dive Sites in Vava’u

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Amazing Vava’u Dive Sites

What sort of diving can you expect in the Tongan island group of Vava’u? From shipwrecks to pinnacles to shallow caves to deep caves, there’s a dive site for just about anyone among the stunning seascape of Vava’u. Check out what sort of scenery and marine life can be seen with this list of amazing dive sites in Vava’u.

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1. China Town (Tu’ungasika Island)

It appears that the coral has been inspired by Chinese architecture at this dive site near Tu’ungasika Island, hence the name “China Town”. All sorts of colourful critters can be found at this intriguing dive site, from multi-coloured tubeworms to bright red anemone. You’ll also see an array of colourful fish among the anemone, from clownfish to surgeonfish to butterflyfish and more. The dive goes down to around 27m where you’ll then return to the surface, probably checking out tunnels and cervices with more amazing marine life to spot along the way.

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2. The Clan McWilliam

Vava’u’s famous wreck dive right in the Neiafu Harbour, the Clan McWilliam is awash in beautiful hard and soft coral. The 128m (423ft) ship that was first launched in 1918 met an ill fate more than 50 years ago when it sank in the Neiafu Harbour due to a fire on board. Today, the wreck sits upright at an accessible depth of just 30m where a wide variety of marine life can be admired, from stonefish to colourful reef fish.

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3. Hunga Magic

Combine scuba diving with possible whale watching at this dive site which shares calving grounds with humpback whales between July and October. The seascape is also spectacular with sea fans, carnation corals, leather corals, stone corals and much more.

10 Best Dive Sites in Vava'u(c) Tonga Ministry of Tourism


4. Split Rock

Another amazing dive site near Tu’ungasika Island, Split Rock is exactly that: a giant split in the rock that you can descend down. Check out the colourful nudibranchs holding onto the wall or possible have encounters with majestic whitetip reef sharks!

10 Best Dive Sites in Vava'u(c) Tonga Ministry of Tourism


5. Swallows Cave

One of the most popular snorkelling spots in Vava’u, Swallows Cave is also worth trying for scuba diving. Join thousands of small fish creating amazing patterns in the cave, as well as a few larger fish in the mix. With the beams of light shining through the entrance and a depth of only 18m, Swallows Cave sure makes for some amazing dive photography. Check out more popular snorkelling spots in the 10 Best Places to Snorkel in Tonga.

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6. Shark’s Tooth Cave

Get a real cave diving fix at Shark’s Tooth Cave with three openings joined by a 16.5m tunnel. Inside the cave are several chambers, two of which are above sea level. Look out for schools of fish decorating the cave’s waters, as well as crayfish which divers are requested not to catch in order to boost the populations. There something to find in every corner, from nudibranchs to butterflyfish and more.

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7. Sea Fans

Another stunner at Tu’ungasika Island, Sea Fans is two different sea caves that are suitable for most level of divers. The largest cave has nudibranchs clinging to the walls, while around the corner has an array of gorgeous gorgonian fans lit up by the light beaming into the cave. Magical!

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8. Mariner’s Cave

Strong snorkellers can make it into this airtight chamber in the upper two metres or you can dive at the lower entrance at 16.5m. The cave is interesting to check out with this fog created by the outgoing surge making the pressure and temperature drop. Outside of the cave, there are a few nudibranchs to admire.

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9. No Worries

A recently discovered dive site, No Worries is accessible with dive operators, such as Dive Tonga. This deep dive for certified to advanced divers hits the 40m as you descend down dramatic pinnacles with big fish and bigger views! Learn more about Dive Tonga and other operators in Vava’u in the 5 Best Scuba Diving Tours in Vava’u.

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10. Whale Reef (Lua Tofua’a)

Dive this underwater reef (lua) near Longito’o Island with interesting coral formations to admire attracting some large fish, like amerjack, rock cod and Maori wrasse. Across the reef is a relaxing 3-8m while the edge drops 14-25m, making for some interesting diving.

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