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Traditional Tongan Dishes What are the Tongan dishes to try in Tonga? What are the staple meals of The Kingdom? We go over five popular Tongan foods in this list of unique foods in Tonga you have to t
The Tropical Fruit of Tonga A top foodie experience in the islands of Tonga is checking out the produce markets and roadside stalls. You’ll see an array of tropical fruit and vegetables, that not on
What are the Drinks in Tonga? Sampling the local flavours is all part of experiencing the culture when travelling. In Tonga, you couldn’t have a more diverse array of drinks, from narcotic drinks th
Food Activities in Tonga Food might be one of life’s simple pleasures but it means much more than that in the Tongan culture. Tonga is a nation of grand feasts, traditional cooking methods such as i
Tonga Food Guide for Travellers It’s hard to think of anywhere better to try island-style cooking than Tonga. Tongan cuisine is a memorable experience for travellers, whether it’s trying food slow
Where to Get Cheap Food in Tonga Let’s get one thing straight, Tonga isn’t South East Asia. You’re not going to find ridiculously cheap food on every street corner (well, at least most of the ti
Where to Get Cheap Food in Nuku’alofa Indulge in a feast fit for the royal family for no more than TOP$20 when staying in Nuku’alofa. Tonga’s capital city is brimming with affordable cuisine, th
Tonga Nightlife: Where to Drink, Where to Relax and Where to Party Ok, so Tonga isn’t no Ibiza but it does have a surprising mix of nightlife across the islands. In the capital, which is one of the
Where to Eat Out in Nuku’alofa Nuku’alofa has a fantastic array of eateries, from Tongan-style takeaways to more sophisticated sit-down dining experiences. Nuku’alofa’s top restaurants cannot
Where to Drink in Tonga Whether you’re looking for a place for a relaxing sundowner, somewhere to meet the locals, meet other travellers or party into the early hours, there’s a place to suit your
Nightlife in Nuku’alofa, Tonga Tonga knows how to party! If you don’t believe us, then just head to the city centre or the waterfront of Nuku’alofa on a Friday/Saturday night to see the capital
The Best Places to Eat in Nuku’alofa In Tonga’s capital city, you have the widest range of restaurants available in the whole kingdom! Make the most of it by checking out a few of the best restaur
Tongatapu Nightlife Guide Tonga’s main hub, the island group of Tongatapu, has a surprising and varied nightlife scene. From bustling bars and buzzing nightclubs in the nation’s capital to the lai
The Best Places to Eat in Tongatapu As important as swimming with whales, checking out amazing crafts at the markets, scuba diving in vibrant reefs, and seeing ancient Polynesian monuments, eating in
The Best Places to Eat in Vava’u Vava’u is home to Tonga’s second-largest town, Neiafu. With that, the island group has a variety of restaurants to offer travellers. From local Tongan feasts to