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How to Plan a Budget for Tonga How much does it cost to travel to Tonga? Well, everyone has their own style of travel and needs, between the budgeting backpacker to the family of four. Tonga is not yo
Tonga Taxes: The Taxes and Fees Travellers Need to Know About No one wants to hear about the extra fees or taxes they might have to pay for anywhere in the world. Luckily, Tonga is a country with such
Food Prices in Tonga Everyone’s got to eat! Whether you’re opting to self-cater in a guest house/apartment or prefer to eat out, find out what to expect when it comes to the cost of food in Tonga
The Price of Transport in Tonga Any savvy traveller knows that the choice of transport has a huge impact on a travel budget. With multiple options for getting over land and water in Tonga, it’s impo
About the Tongan Pa’anga The unit of currency in Tonga is the Tongan Pa’anga, often seen written as “TOP” or “TOP$”. You’ll also hear people verbally refer to the currency of Tonga as
Daily Spending Money for Tonga Accommodation is booked, flights are sorted and you might have opted for some travel insurance. The remainder of your travel budget is the money you’ll be spending in
How to Save Money in Tonga Home to royalty, a scattering of idyllic islands, turquoise waters and some of the top whale-swimming, scuba diving and game fishing experiences in the South Pacific, Tonga
Using Credit Cards in Tonga Can you use credit cards in Tonga? The simple answer is not for most situations! Cash is king in Tonga. Whether it’s buying from the market, staying in most guest houses
The Best Payment Methods for Tonga How should you pay for things in Tonga? Everyone has their preferences when it comes to paying for things overseas with a new currency. However, options are limited
Buying Food and Drink in Tonga Travellers wanting to experience a slice of life in Tonga or perhaps opt for spending less of your travel budget on food than eating out can buy their own food in Tonga.
Budget Tips for Tonga Tonga is one of the few countries in the South Pacific that isn’t too tough on the travel budget. Except for scuba diving, fishing charters and swimming with whales, the experi
The Price of Accommodation in Tonga An essential part of working out your travel budget is knowing how much money you are going to spend on accommodation. For travellers, Tonga provides an array of op
The Price of Activities in Tonga How much will a whale swim cost? Is it expensive to scuba dive, kayak or go sightseeing? What are the free activities in Tonga? We go through all of the typical costs