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Traditional Tongan Dishes What are the Tongan dishes to try in Tonga? What are the staple meals of The Kingdom? We go over five popular Tongan foods in this list of unique foods in Tonga you have to t
Indulge in an Island Massage in Tonga Tonga is renowned for its life-changing whale swimming, amazing scuba diving opportunities and its unique culture. Not many know that it’s the perfect place to
Luxurious Things to Do in Tonga Imagine sailing a tropical island archipelago in a private yacht, exploring otherworldly coral gardens and swimming with humpback whales. Sounds only like the thing of
The Tropical Fruit of Tonga A top foodie experience in the islands of Tonga is checking out the produce markets and roadside stalls. You’ll see an array of tropical fruit and vegetables, that not on
Food Activities in Tonga Food might be one of life’s simple pleasures but it means much more than that in the Tongan culture. Tonga is a nation of grand feasts, traditional cooking methods such as i
Tonga Food Guide for Travellers It’s hard to think of anywhere better to try island-style cooking than Tonga. Tongan cuisine is a memorable experience for travellers, whether it’s trying food slow
Things to Do on an Adult-Only Getaway to Tonga Looking to set the right tone for a peaceful romantic getaway or somehow you’ve managed to get away from your own kids for a week? Adventure and relaxa
Unique Swimming Spots in Tonga We don’t need to tell you about the amazing beaches to swim from in Tonga – there are plenty of those! However, if you’re looking for a unique swimming hole in Ton
Why Get Married in Tonga? Although millions of people get married every year, how many do you know who have gotten married in Tonga? If you’re looking for an alternative South Pacific paradise to sa
Experience the Church Architecture and Sunday Services in Tonga Tonga is a devout Christian nation where going to church on a Sunday is all part of the routine. In just about every village, you’ll f
Where to Do Yoga in Tonga The stunning islands of Tonga with their coral sands, clear blue waters and swaying palms provide an idyllic environment to relax and recharge. No wonder Tonga is a growing d
Sailing Tours in Vava’u Vava’u is renowned across the South Pacific for its amazing sailing grounds with interesting harbours, inlets and islands to explore. At the centre of the action is the Por
Top Family Activities in Tonga Tonga is not your typical family getaway, so you’re sure to have many first-time experiences together as a tribe. From life-changing moments like watching humpback wha
Where to Snorkel in Tongatapu Tropical getaway: that has to mean some snorkelling?! Tonga’s main island, Tongatapu, offers a good selection of options for snorkelling even if there are fewer options
The Best Places to Eat in Vava’u Vava’u is home to Tonga’s second-largest town, Neiafu. With that, the island group has a variety of restaurants to offer travellers. From local Tongan feasts to