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Where to Get a Massage in Tonga

Where to Get a Massage in Tonga

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Indulge in an Island Massage in Tonga

Tonga is renowned for its life-changing whale swimming, amazing scuba diving opportunities and its unique culture. Not many know that it’s the perfect place to simply relax. That’s right, with turquoise waters, soothingly warm temperatures and a relaxed pace of life, Tonga has all the key ingredients for relaxation. All you need to amp up the experience is an island massage. Find out where you can get a massage in Tonga with the list of days spas and resorts offering massages in the guide below.

Ways to Relax in Tonga

Before we delve into the various spas around Tonga, let us give you inspiration on more ways to relax in this island nation.

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Spas in Tongatapu

Tonga’s capital is where you’ll find the widest range of day spas in Tonga. Spas are scattered across Nuku’alofa, from spas conveniently located in the city centre to suburban spas, waiting to ease your aches and transition you into “Tonga time“. Check out some of the day spas in Tongatapu below.

D Spa Lounge

A short walk from Faua Wharf, the D Spa Lounge is conveniently located to ease your body after getting back from scuba diving or swimming with whales. The day spa offers an array of massages and treatments, from classic deep tissue massages to hot stone massages. Find them at the Vuna Road end of ‘Alaivahamama’o Bypass Road.

Island Glow

This city centre day spa is one of the most comprehensive day spas in the Kingdom, offering a wide range of spa treatments, as well as hair styling, waxing and more. Try something classically “South Pacific” like a banana papaya body wrap or enjoy just a typical yet relaxing 30, 60 or 90-minute massage. Find them upstairs in the Post Office Building in the town centre.

Acu-Reflex-Herbal Therapy & Garden Spa

This small suburban day spa offers a range of treatments aiming to provide numerous health benefits. Indulge in some acupressure therapy, reflexology therapy, foot spas, sauna baths, facials and herbal remedies. Find them on Mateialona Road.

Shilomi Massage Therapy

For something utterly different, get a Japanese-meets-Tongan massage at the Shilomi Massage Therapy parlour in the Fakakanua Building. The massage therapy aims for both physical and spiritual healing.

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Spas in Ha’apai

Although there are no real day spas in the island group of Ha’apai, there are a couple of resorts offering massage services with qualified therapists. They are as follows…

Sea Change Eco Retreat

Sea Change Eco Retreat offers massages in the high season between July and October. One of the owners of the resort on Uolevu Island is a qualified relaxation therapist who offers a range of massages for guests. Choose from shoulder, neck, head and full-body massages experienced in the resort’s private massage fale (beach hut).

Serenity Beaches Resort

Another resort on Uolevu Island offering wonderous massages is the Serenity Beaches Resort. The owner of the resort is a qualified massage therapist who offers indulgent massages, as well as yoga classes. One of her specialities is the Hawaiian “lomi lomi” massage.

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Spas in Vava’u

Finally, if you want to get a massage in the island group of Vava’u, you’re going to have to make your way to the tiny island of Fetoko.

Mandala Resort

One of the most premium island resorts in Vava’u, the Mandala Resort has an on-site massage therapist. Mandala Resort on its very own private island provides guests with the opportunity to indulge in a range of treatments. One of the signatures is an Indian head massage with reflexology.

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