The Best Kayak Tours in Tonga(c)
The Best Kayak Tours in Tonga

The Best Kayak Tours in Tonga


Guided Kayaking in Tonga

Kayaking is the staple of a Tonga getaway: gliding across turquoise waters to a soothing tropical breeze while watching fish and coral decorating the depths below. While freedom kayak hire is abundant in Tonga, getting an expert guide to show you the kayaking hotspots is a little harder to find. That’s why we’ve put together this short albeit useful guide of all of the kayak tours in Tonga. That way, you know what sort of kayaking adventures you could be getting up to in the Kingdom!

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Tips for Kayaking in Tonga

  • Kayaks are often available to hire for free at most of Tonga’s beach accommodation providing you are a guest
  • When hiring a kayak, be sure to ask resort staff for the best places to explore (and ask about places to avoid for your own safety)
  • Guided kayaking tours are very limited in Tonga, so be sure to check out the listings below to understand what’s available and if they are the right option for you
  • Not all kayak hires include lifejackets for children, so if you’re kayaking with little ones, consider taking their own lifejackets or safety vests.

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The Best Kayak Tours in Tonga(c)

Taufatahi Charters

Aside from whale swimming and island-hopping boat tours, this tour operator also offers guided kayaking tours. Taufatahi Charters is based in Tongatapu, offering a rewarding way to see some of Tongatapu’s outer islands on a full-day kayaking tour.

Kayak Island-Hopping Tour

This full-day all-inclusive kayaking tour begins on the shores of a lagoon on the eastern side of Tongatapu. Accommodation pick-up is available to take you to the launch point where you’ll start off the tour gliding across a lagoon to the island of Makaha’a. After a short stop at the island, you’ll continue to more open water on a journey to Pangaimotu Island where you’ll be served lunch at the Big Mama’s cafe. After lunch, you’ll enjoy a final crossing to Nuku’alofa.

Kayak Hire on the Holonga Lagoon

Taufatahi Charters also offers freedom kayak hire from the village of Holonga. There are single and double kayaks available to explore the lagoon and see famous landmarks like Captain Cook’s Landing Site from a new perspective.

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The Best Kayak Tours in Tonga(c) Tonga Ministry of Tourism

Friendly Islands Kayak Company

Offering the most comprehensive and diverse range of kayaking tours across two different island groups in Tonga, the Friendly Islands Kayak Company is a no-brainer for anyone serious about kayaking. They offer a range of day trips and multi-day trips in Vava’u and a couple of options in Ha’apai. All transfers to your accommodation are included in the tours.

Kayak Day Tours

  • Swallows’ Cave & Kapa Island – A 6-hour tour including the time to snorkel at Swallows’ Cave and have lunch at Kapa Island in Vava’u
  • Port of Refuge – Learn about the nature of the Port of Refuge in Vava’u on this 6-hour tour with the opportunity to snorkel.

Multi-Day Vava’u Kayak Tours

  • Vava’u 3-Day Sampler – An easy kayaking tour including camping and some meals
  • Vava’u 5-Day Special – Five days of kayaking and three days of camping are included, as well as some meals
  • Vava’u 5-Day Discovery – Kayaking, snorkelling and/or scuba, whale-watching and island hopping are included, as well as resort accommodation and some meals
  • Vava’u 6-Day Treasure Island Eco Resort – Enjoy kayaking and spending five nights at one of Tonga’s most premium resorts with all meals included
  • Vava’u 7-Day Tropical Escape – Island-hop around Vava’u staying in resorts with all meals included
  • Vava’u 8-Day Adventure – A mix of resort accommodation and camping are included in this action-packed tour with other adventure activities
  • Vava’u 8-Day Classic – This 8-day alternative spends more time kayaking than doing other activities with a mix of resort and camping accommodation included
  • Vava’u 10-Day Island Explorer – This comprehensive tour has seven days of kayaking with resort and camping accommodation included, as well as two nights’ accommodation pre/post the tour.

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Multi-Day Ha’apai Kayak Tours

  • Ha’apai 7-Day Serenity Eco-Resort – Combine kayaking and the resort experience with three days of kayaking, whale watching and snorkelling. Accommodation and some meals are included.
  • Ha’apai 11-Day Tropical Expedition – An 8-day kayaking and camping tour to a remote island in the Lifuka Group. The tour includes some meals and two nights’ accommodation pre/post the tour.

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The Best Kayak Tours in Tonga(c)

Flying Coconut Powered & Paddled Kayak Tours

See uninhabited islands of the Vava’u Group in a unique way with the Flying Coconut Powered & Paddled Kayak Tours. Explore the west side of the archipelago with a guide in your choice of a standard kayak or a unique powered kayak. Their kayak base is at the Houmelei Old Harbour.

Powered Kayak Tour

Choose either the morning or afternoon tour to get in a specialised powered kayak with no paddling needed! Whiz around the coral reefs, beaches and remote islands with speed on this 2h30min tour. Optional additions to the tour include lunch at a resort, a culture tour in a local village, a kart safari land tour and more.

Paddled Kayak Tour

Take your time and enjoy classic kayaking on this guided paddled kayak tour. The morning tour lasts approximately 5h30mins and includes snorkelling gear for the snorkelling hotspots you’ll visit, as well as a packed lunch.


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