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Historical Places in Tonga Tonga has an interesting and colourful history of kings, colonisation, tribes and encounters from the other side of the world. To commemorate some of these key points in Ton
Tonga’s Largest Cities, Towns and Villages Tonga is a nation of some 170 islands scattered across the South Pacific. While most of these islands are uninhabited, some are populated with small villag
Churches in Nuku’alofa Sunday in Tonga is regarded as a day of rest. That’s why you will find no shops open, no flights scheduled and no activities operating. You will, however, find churches aliv
Cultural Shows and Tongan Buffets on Tongatapu Tonga is a country with a rich and fascinating Polynesian culture. As an island nation that was never colonised, the locals are proud to claim themselves
What Sports Can You Do in Tonga? Tonga might be featured on the world stage for rugby union and has provided athletes for the Olympics, but what sports can you get stuck into when in Tonga? There are
Learn How to Make Your Own Souvenirs in Tonga! How can you not be impressed by the handicrafts of Tonga? Each piece is handmade and unique, as traditional crafting has been part of the Tongan culture
How to Experience the Culture in Tonga Tonga prides itself as a place where you can experience the “true South Pacific” – where traditions and customs are living and breathing on the islands, no
Experience the Church Architecture and Sunday Services in Tonga Tonga is a devout Christian nation where going to church on a Sunday is all part of the routine. In just about every village, you’ll f
Explore Tonga’s Small Villages Let’s get one thing straight before we dive into this list of the best small towns and villages to visit in Tonga; all of Tonga’s towns and villages are small. Man
Experience the True Culture of Tonga Beautiful beaches, turquoise waters and swaying coconut palms can be found in many places in the world, but only in Tonga can you experience the unique Tongan cult