Is it Safe to Hitchhike in Tonga? Hitchhiking or “suto”, as it’s known in Tongan, is a tempting prospect. Getting around somewhere for free and meeting interesting locals? Why not?! Well, like a
Driving in Tonga: Safety Tips Generally, Tonga is a safe country to drive in. The speed limits are low in comparison to other countries and the main roads are typically well-maintained. You will, howe
Keep Safe While Driving in Tonga Road tripping around Tongatapu or Vava’u (the only islands in Tonga where you can hire a car) is an amazing way to see the country. However, driving in a new country
How Easy is it to Drive in Tonga? Pretty easy! With a relatively good road network across Tongatapu and Vava’u combined with a small population of people using the roads, driving in Tonga is far fro
What You Need to Know About Driving in Tonga With many landscapes to admire, historical sites to discover and amazing natural attractions, a road trip in Tonga has so much to offer! But like anywhere