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5 Best Yoga Resorts in Tonga

5 Best Yoga Resorts in Tonga

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The Best Resorts for Yoga in Tonga

Where can you go to relax the mind and rejuvenate the body in Tonga? Just about anywhere in this stunning island archipelago does the trick! However, if you’re looking for resorts with yoga decks and pavilions kitted out with yoga mats, perhaps hosting retreats, as well as the right surroundings to find your zen, then these are the yoga resorts in Tonga you need to consider…

Note that Tonga is an ever-evolving country with some services that accommodations provide changing with little notice. While we try to keep our accommodation listings up-to-date, know that some services may have changed. If you have an update, feel free to reach out.

1. Sea Change Eco Retreat (Ha’apai)

An idyllic eco-resort on a sandy uninhabited island in Ha’apai, the Sea Change Eco Retreat is highly recommended for any keen yogi. Enjoy independent sessions in the dedicated yoga shala, nestled in the shade of coconut trees, or join one of the yoga classes (only available when the yoga instructor is on-island, so be sure to inquire). Needless to say, Sea Change is also a favourite for yoga retreats when the resort is open between May and November. In terms of accommodation, the resort has wooden fales scattered throughout a coastal forest, as well as glamping tents. Learn more about the resort in The Top 30 Resorts in Tonga.

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2. Serenity Beaches Resort (Ha’apai)

Another resort in the Ha’apai Group, yet feels like a world away from the rest, is the Serenity Beaches Resort. The resort is a top destination for yoga retreats thanks to its spacious octagonal yoga pavilion nestled among the coconut trees on the edge of a private beach. On the other hand, if you’re just staying here as a casual guest, yoga mats are available for some self-guided yoga, while the inspirational owner of the resort, an author who is still rocking this retreat in her 80s, will be happy to give you some pointers. The resort offers a range of accommodations, from unique open-air fales to more private enclosed fales. Learn more about the resort, as well as others in the island group, in the 10 Best Resorts in Ha’apai.

Check Serenity Beaches Resort out:

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3. Mandala Resort (Vava’u)

Heading north to the Vava’u Group, the Mandala Resort sits on its own tiny private island. Stay in one of the octagonal beach bungalows or a unique treehouse made with local materials to make you feel truly immersed in nature. The Mandala Resort features a beachfront yoga deck; a no-better setting for some self-guided sessions. Note that the resort is exclusively for TradeWinds customers and can be coupled with sailing packages around Vava’u. Find out more about the resort in the 10 Best Resorts in Vava’u.

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4. [UPDATE] Matafonua Lodge (Ha’apai)

[Update: Matafonua Lodge no longer offers SUP yoga classes. Their SUP boards are still available to enjoy some self-guided SUP yoga – along with the 10 Best Resorts for Paddleboarding (SUP) in Tonga].

Do yoga on stand-up paddleboards by day and stay in gorgeous elevated fales (beach huts) by night at Matafonua Lodge. The island resort located at the northern tip of Foa Island in Ha’apai provides a tranquil retreat for yogis. It’s the place to try something new with on-site fitness instructors offering SUP yoga classes. On the other hand, if you prefer your feet on dry land, they have yoga mats too. As for amenities, the resort has an on-site restaurant serving a range of international and Tongan cuisine, as well as a huge range of activities from whale swimming to free bike hire. Plus, one of the best snorkelling spots in Ha’apai is right off the resort’s beach.

Check Matafonua Lodge out:

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5. [UPDATE] Sandy Beach Resort (Ha’apai)

[Update: Sandy Beach Resort no longer offers SUP yoga classes. Their SUP boards are still available to enjoy some self-guided SUP yoga].

The sister resort of Matafonua Lodge, Sandy Beach Resort is more aimed toward couples, offering modern double fales. The resort has a quiet stretch of beach where you can practice independent yoga. Otherwise, instructors from Matafonua Lodge also offer SUP yoga at this resort. Facilities at Sandy Beach include one of Ha’apai’s most up-market restaurants with a creative cocktail menu. You’ll also have full access to all of the activities at Matafonua Lodge.

Check Sandy Beach Resort out:

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More About Yoga Resorts in Tonga

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