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7 Best Surf Resorts in Tonga

5 Best Surf Resorts in Tonga

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Surf in Tonga From Your Doorstep…

Pristine, uncrowded and all yours… The surf in Tonga is something else yet has something for everyone, as long as, in most cases, you have your own surfboard. You bring the gear and these resorts in Tonga will show you a good time. While there are no resorts in Tonga exclusively branding themselves as surf resorts, there are resorts with prime positions by amazing surf breaks or at least can offer a boat ride to the nearest hotspots. Check out your options when it comes to surfing from a resort with this list of surf resorts in Tonga.

Note that most of Tonga’s surf resorts were destroyed during the 2022 tsunami, while others now prioritise whale swimming over providing surf boats. We will update this article if and when more surf resorts become available. Until then, get tips for planning a surf holiday in The Complete Guide to Surfing in Tonga.

1. Matafonua Lodge (Ha’apai)

A resort on the tip of Foa Island in the Ha’apai island group, Matafonua Lodge might be best known for its kitesurfing but the surfing for beginners or casual riders is pretty awesome too. Ride the shallow beach breaks just off the resort and take up the opportunity to hire SUP boards for SUP surfing too. Your accommodation is set up in attractive elevated fales with shared bathroom facilities and breakfast, free use of bikes and kayaks included, while surfboards are also available to hire (inquire first). Learn more about this resort in The Top 30 Resorts in Tonga.

Check Matafonua Lodge out:

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2. Treasure Island Eco Resort

If you want to discover Tonga’s true “secret spots” then take your surfboard to Treasure Island Eco Resort in Vava’u. The resort on the remote Eueiki Island offers support boats to take you out to Vava’u’s isolated surf breaks (if they are not already being used for whale swimming, which takes priority). As for the accommodation, you’ll be staying in one of the eco-friendly traditionally thatched fales with an ensuite shower and a private verandah. Learn more about it in the 10 Best Eco-Resorts in Tonga.

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3. The Beach House (Vava’u) (Last Season 2024)

Stay in one of the luxurious cottages on the remote island of Fofoa in Vava’u where your hosts can boat you out to the nearby surf breaks. Hit breaks, such as Good From Afar, where you will need to bring your own gear but you’ll hardly complain when you have uncrowded breaks and stunning accommodation to enjoy. Stay in one of the two cottages on the island with self-catering facilities and/or locally sourced meals. The accommodation also offers whale swimming tours during the season. Check out alternative accommodations nearby in the Where to Stay in Vava’u: The Best Accommodations.

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4. [CLOSED] Ha’atafu Beach Resort

One of the only resorts in Tonga primarily associating themselves with surfing, Ha’atafu Beach Resort is based by some of the best surf breaks in Tonga. Head out to popular Tongatapu surf breaks, like Motels, The Bowl, Corners and Lighthouse, a short paddle or boat ride from shore. The resort has three types of fales (bungalows), Standard Fales, Premium Fales and Family Fales. Each is well-appointed and decorated with traditional touches for a real island experience. Your stay includes free use of sea kayaks and snorkelling gear. Surfboard hire is not included.

5. [CLOSED] Vakaloa Beach Resort

Popular for its cultural performance evenings, Vakaloa Beach Resort also happens to have a prime position for reaching surf spots like Pass Lefts, Pass Rights and Leftovers. Although you’ll need to bring your own surf gear to enjoy these breaks, you’ll get to stay in one of the simple yet attractive resort rooms for couples, friends and families. Breakfast is included in your stay, while there is also a restaurant and bar on site.

More About Surf Resorts in Tonga

That’s it for the best surf resorts in Tonga. For more about planning a surf independent of the resorts (which surfers likely need to do since the 2021 tsunami), get advice from the following guides:

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