10 Best Eco Resorts in Tonga
10 Best Eco Resorts in Tonga

10 Best Eco Resorts in Tonga

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Low-Impact Environmentally Friendly Resorts in Tonga

Let us save you the trouble of only realising you want to do more to protect the oceans and pristine islands of Tonga after your trip by suggesting to book into one of the eco-friendly accommodations. Many of Tonga’s resorts offer off-the-grid experiences using renewable energy sources, locally-sourced food, local timbers for construction, implement planting programs, water sourced by the rain and composting toilets. We list some of those low-impact accommodations in this list of the best eco-resorts in Tonga!

Note that Tonga is an ever-evolving country, especially when it comes to accommodation. With that in mind, some of the services accommodations provide are known to change without notice. If there is any information needing an update in the listings below, feel free to reach out!

For more about environmentally-friendly accommodation, see How to Pick the Best Eco-Stay in Tonga for You, as well as more sustainability tips in the 31 Ways to Travel More Sustainably in Tonga.

1. Sea Change Eco Retreat

If the name wasn’t enough of a hint, Sea Change Eco Retreat is kind of into the eco-friendly lifestyle. Stay in one of their low-impact glamping tents or wooden fales on the coastal forests of Uolevu Island, a stunning uninhabited island in the Ha’apai Group. Guests have access to a private bathroom with solar-heated rainwater, as well as a composting toilet. Eco experiences here include whale swimming in the whale season, yoga sessions, snorkelling, island walks and more. Check out more eco-stays nearby in the 7 Best Eco Resorts in Ha’apai.

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2. Fanifo Lofa Kitesurf Tonga

Fanifo Lofa Kitesurf Tonga is all about harnessing the elements, from offering awesome kitesurfing holidays to providing stays in environmentally-friendly fales made from natural timbers to blend with the surroundings of Uoleva Island in Ha’apai. The whole resort runs of solar and wind energy, while guest bathrooms use composting toilets. Recycling and using energy efficiently are also promoted to guests during their stay.

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3. Treasure Island Eco Resort

Looking for a low-impact resort in the Vava’u islands? Check out Treasure Island Eco Resort on the gorgeous ‘Eueiki Island. Solar power and fresh rainwater filtration systems are part of the eco-friendly ethos of the resort, which also offers activities for the nature-lover from whale swimming from their low-impact outrigger to snorkelling and exploring nearby islands. As for the accommodation itself, you’ll be staying in one of the traditionally thatched fales. Check out more resorts like this in the 5 Best Eco Resorts in Vava’u.

10 Best Eco Resorts in Tonga(c) Tonga Ministry of Tourism

4. Mandala Resort

Located on its own tiny private island, the Mandala Resort offers a luxurious stay in Vava’u with a low impact. Stay in one of the individually handcrafted bungalows and treehouses of the resort which use solar energy and have low-flow composting toilets. Water is collected by rainwater catchment systems that use UV light filters to make it safe to drink. What’s more, all of the toiletries offered to guests are organic and come in biodegradable packaging. The ingredients prepared for your meals are grown and harvested from the resort’s very own Aquaponics system.

Check Mandala Resort out:
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5. The Lolofutu Beach Barn

A fully off-the-grid experience in the Ha’apai Islands, The Lolofutu Beach Barn is an eco-stay exclusively available during the whale season. The packages to stay here include your whale swimming experiences, interactions with a local Tongan village, snorkelling and staying in one of their eco-friendly safari tents. Tents have a private deck and rain/sun cover, as well as a shared bathroom with a composting toilet and cold water for guests. Meals are also included in the experience, deriving from locally sourced ingredients.

10 Best Eco Resorts in Tonga(c) tongapocketguide.com

6. The Beach House (Shell Garden)

This two-cottage accommodation in Vava’u prides itself on providing an eco-friendly stay on the beautiful Fofoa Island. Choose to stay in either The Beach House, which is an elevated cottage with stairs down to the beach, or the Coral Cottage nestled in the island’s coral gardens. Each is powered by solar and wind energy with a small backup generator. They provide plastic-free water bottles in the accommodation and their boat tours which you can fill using their rainwater system. Speaking of boat tours, they offer their own whale swimming tours and just about any other type of boat tour you can think of. What’s more, part of the nightly rate is donated to the Vava’u Environment Protection Agency.

Check The Beach House out:
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7. Green Lodge Holiday Homes

An alternative and affordable eco-stay in Tonga are at Green Lodge Holiday Homes in Tongatapu. Located in a typical village on the outskirts of Nuku’alofa, Green Lodge offers four holiday homes, each with three or four bedrooms. Since 2014, Green Lodge has been fully powered by renewable energy. They also offer eco-tourism activities in their Friday-Sunday programme, including island tours, kayaking, diving, cycling, coconut tree climbing, kava drinking and learning to cook with a traditional Tongan earth oven called an “umu”.

Check Green Lodge Holiday Homes out:
10 Best Eco Resorts in Tonga(c) Green Lodge Holiday Homes

8. Serenity Beaches Resort

Another eco-gem on the island of Uoleva in Ha’apai, Serenity Beaches Resort offers accommodation that uses rainwater and uses energy from the sun. Meals for guests use ingredients bought by local farmers and fishermen, while they also offer a good selection of vegetarian options should you want to reduce your environmental impact further. As for accommodation, they have a mix of wooden octagonal fales and concrete fales near the beach.

Check Serenity Beaches Resort out:
10 Best Eco Resorts in Tonga(c) Serenity Beaches Resort

9. Mounu Island Resort

Taking up as little space as possible on the 6.5-acre Mounu Island in Vava’u, the Mounu Island Resort has just four fales made with natural timbers to blend in. The resort offers organic dining at their restaurant, while they have also implemented a planting program to bring back some of the island’s native kauri, cedar and mahogany. Eco-tourism activities are also on offer, such as bird-watching tours to a nearby bird sanctuary island, snorkelling, fish-feeding, whale swimming and more.

10 Best Eco Resorts in Tonga(c) Tonga Ministry of Tourism

10. Captain Cook’s Hideaway

Perhaps Captain Cook’s Hideaway doesn’t intentionally try to be an eco-accommodation in Tonga but it still succeeds with its minimal-impact beach huts. Guests don’t need to worry about using too much power because, well, there is none! Your stay here is about connecting with nature through kayaking and snorkelling from the gorgeous beach of Uoleva Island in Ha’apai. Check out more minimal-impact resorts with limited facilities in the 10 Best Budget Resorts in Tonga.

10 Best Eco Resorts in Tonga(c) Tonga Ministry of Tourism

More About Eco Resorts in Tonga

That’s it for the best eco resorts in Tonga. See more amazing stays in The Top 30 Resorts in Tonga. Plus, get even more trip-planning tips in The Complete Travel Guide to Tonga.


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