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10 Most Unique Accommodation in Tonga

10 Most Unique Accommodations in Tonga

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Stay Somewhere Different on the Islands of Tonga

Ever wondered what it would be like to stay in a glamping tent on an uninhabited island, in a treehouse among the coconut palms, or even in a simple beach hut on an island all to yourself?! Well, wonder no more, as you can certainly have these experiences at the unique accommodations in Tonga! We go through some of our favourites in the list below.

Note that Tonga is an ever-evolving country with some services that accommodations provide changing with little notice. While we try to keep our accommodation listings up-to-date, know that some services may have changed. If you have an update, feel free to reach out.

1. Tukulolo Grounds & Treehouses (Tongatapu)

For something utterly unique, check out the lodges suspended in the trees at Tukulolo Grounds & Treehouses. This handbuilt wonderland among the forests of Tongatapu‘s eastern side consists of two queen ensuite treehouses and one family treehouse, each distinctive and artistically finished. The property is a joy to explore between the communal lodge, fire pit, carved sculptures and suspended bridges leading to your fairy-light-lit abode. Watch the forest come to life at night with a fire show! See more stays nearby in our guide, Where to Stay on Tongatapu: The Best Accommodations.

Check Tukulolo Treehouses out:

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2. Serenity Beaches Resort (Ha’apai)

On the uninhabited island of Uoleva, Serenity Beaches Resort has a small selection of half-wall fales (bungalows) that allow you to embrace nature effortlessly throughout your stay. Your timber fale is one-of-a-kind in Ha’apai and Tonga with its large open walls so you can take in the coastal forest. They even have a cool loft room where more bedding can be wedged in (kids love it). Nature continues even when showering in your open-air garden bathroom. If you are looking for more privacy, however, they do have fully enclosed fales too, but they are half as fun. See more resorts to choose from in the island group in Where to Stay in Ha’apai: The Best Accommodations.

Check Serenity Beaches Resort out:

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3. Sea Change Eco Retreat (Ha’apai)

Sea Change Eco Retreat offers two unique types of accommodation in Ha’apai, their timber eco-friendly fales and their glamping tents. Stay in your own quiet corner of Uoleva Island’s forest in one of the safari tents complete with full bedroom furniture and a private deck, or in one of the wooden beach huts with a private bathroom using solar-heated rainwater and a compost toilet. It’s certainly a low-impact stay on the stunning islands of Ha’apai. Check out more accommodations like this in the 10 Best Eco-Resorts in Tonga.

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4. Treasure Island Eco Resort (Vava’u)

Not only is Treasure Island Eco Resort a fully self-sustainable resort on one of Vava’u’s remote islands, but it also presents some pretty unique Tongan fales. Fales are traditionally thatched with woven panels and everything to look like you could have built it yourself from the outside. On the inside, well, things a looking a little more luxurious with your pebbled floors and ensuite bathroom. The uniqueness of the resort even extends to the resort’s outrigger boat, in which Treasure Island Eco Resort takes guests out whale swimming. Learn more about the island in our guide, Where to Stay in Vava’u: The Best Accommodations.

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5. Fale Tonga Guesthouse (Tongatapu)

Holiday homes with a difference, Fale Tonga Guesthouse is a collection of two traditionally inspired fales set on a peaceful plantation on Tongatapu. The design is the most impressive feature of these self-contained two-bedroom houses, each with exposed beams and high ceilings yet tastefully furnished with some contemporary touches. Enjoy the ease of a fully equipped kitchen complete with a dishwasher and washing machine, a spacious design-driven bathroom, and each bedroom with a double bed. There’s plenty of room to roam in your fully fenced-off garden with no direct neighbours, yet you’re only a four-minute drive from Nuku’alofa town centre. See more stays across the main island in our guide, Where to Stay on Tongatapu: The Best Accommodations.

Check Fale Tonga Guesthouse out:

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6. Mandala Resort & TradeWinds Yacht (Vava’u)

The “Tree Houses” at the Mandala Resort in Vava’u have to be the most unique accommodations at this resort of octagonal beach huts that blend into the private island surroundings. Elevated in the trees and made from local timbers, the Tree Houses are hand-constructed and feature a staircase and balcony among the trees for a unique perspective of the forest. To add to the creativity, the resort can only be booked through TradeWinds where time can be split during your seven-day package between staying at the resort and staying on a luxury catamaran yacht. Learn more about the latter in the 5 Best Liveaboards & Boat Stays in Tonga.

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7. Diana Beach Resort (Ha’apai)

The only traditional Tongan fales in Ha’apai, Diana Beach Resort is a locally-run budget resort with basic beach huts featuring woven-panelled walls. They are simply furnished with mattresses on the floor and decorated with Tongan tapa paintings for a true island experience. You won’t have access to electricity, just a solar lantern, while days are spent here relaxing on the white sandy beach, snorkelling and trying delicious Tongan food from your hosts. Learn more about the resort in the 5 Best Budget Resorts in Tonga.

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8. Vaimalo Fales (Vava’u)

Stay in one of three beautiful fales (bungalows) on the shores of a traditional Vava’uan village, Vaimalo. Vaimalo Fales offers two fully self-contained overwater fales (some of the only ones in the country) with a kitchen; one facing the sunset and the other facing the sunrise. It’s the ultimate destination to relax and make use of the kayaks and snorkelling gear provided to explore the sheltered waters. There’s also a traditional fale at the back of the property with shared bathroom and kitchen facilities. Learn more about this accommodation in The Top 25 Resorts in Tonga.

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9. Blue Water Retreat (‘Eua)

Unique in that it’s the closest thing to a resort on the island of ‘Eua, Blue Water Retreat also boasts a truly special stay in their glamping tents. These elegant tents are set atop an elevated private deck and kitted out with tasteful furniture, including a double or twin beds, bedside tables and lights, an open wardrobe and homely rugs. Ferry/airport transfers are included in the accommodation rates, while whale watching, spearfishing and island tours, as well as creative buffet-style meals at the onsite restaurant, can all be organised with the resort for an effortless stay. For more about this island, check out Where to Stay on ‘Eua: The Best ‘Eua Accommodations.

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10. Blue Lagoon Resort (Vava’u)

Boasting Tonga’s other “overwater fales”, the Blue Lagoon Resort in Vava’u offers five individually unique accommodations on their private island. Fales have porches that open up to the sights and sounds of the Pacific Ocean, which lap upon the rock beneath your accommodation. On the beach or teetering over the edge of a cliff, fales are in their own stunning sections of the island where it’s possible to watch whales from shore during the whale season.

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More Unique Accommodations in Tonga

That’s it for the most unique accommodations in Tonga. For more interesting stays in “The Kingdom”, check out the following guides:

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