Where to Stay in Tonga: The BEST Accommodations 🌴 [2023]© TongaPocketGuide.com
Where to Stay in Tonga: The BEST Accommodations 🌴 [2023]

Where to Stay in Tonga: The BEST Accommodations 🌴 [2024]

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Where to Stay in Tonga

170 islands scattered like jewels in the South Pacific, there’s something special about Tonga. Yet, only around 36 are inhabited and only four out of the five island groups that the country is split into has accommodation for tourists. Furthermore, each island group boasts a differently wonderful experience, whether it’s sweeping white beaches leaning into butter-flat lagoons, an ancient jungle-clad island with unique wildlife, or historical megaliths on islands steeped in culture. Wherever you go, there’s no doubt that these islands will captivate you between their natural beauty and the generosity of the locals. All you have to do is find a place to stay in Tonga.

Luckily, we can help you there; not only listing Tonga’s best accommodations by location but by accommodation type, whether it be an eco-resort or a humble guesthouse. Join us for the best accommodations in Tonga, as well as where to stay in Tonga.

The Top 10 Accommodations in Tonga

Before we dive into this complete guide on where to stay in Tonga, we thought you’d find it helpful for us to list our top 10 Tonga accommodations and where to find them.

  1. Matafonua Lodge – Ha’apai
  2. The Reef Resort – Vava’u
  3. Serenity Beaches Resort – Ha’apai
  4. Treasure Island Eco Resort – Vava’u
  5. Tukulolo Grounds & Treehouses – Tongatapu
  6. Blue Water Retreat – ‘Eua
  7. Tanoa International Dateline Hotel – Tongatapu
  8. Little Italy Hotel – Tongatapu
  9. Sea Change Eco Retreat – Ha’apai
  10. Diana Beach Resort – Ha’apai

… And the list continues in The Top 25 Resorts in Tonga and 25 Best Hotels in Tonga.

Where to Stay in Tonga: The BEST Accommodations 🌴 [2023]© TongaPocketGuide.com

Where to Stay: Tongatapu

The easiest island for travellers to visit, Tongatapu has much more going for it than Tonga’s largest international airport. The largest island in Tonga has some of the most famous historical sites in the South Pacific, as well as an array of natural attractions where you can spend a whole day hopping from one to the other. See the “Stonehenge of the South Pacific” the Ha’amonga ‘a Maui Trilithon, about 5 km (3 mi) of breathtaking Mapua ‘a Vaea Blowholes on the southern coast, and the majestic ‘Anahulu Caves.

On the northern coast of the 257 km² (100 mi²) island is the capital of Tonga, Nuku’alofa, where – since the 2022 tsunami – most of the island’s accommodations are located. Culture and royalty can be experienced here between the amazing array of handicrafts at the Talamahu Market and the grand Victorian-style Royal Palace. Nuku’alofa is also where many of Tonga’s most popular water activities depart, including whale swimming tours, island day trips, snorkelling and scuba diving.

Visitors find themselves either staying in one of the guesthouses or hotels of Nuku’alofa or at one of the few beach resorts or unique treehouse resorts on the east side of the island.

Find out more about the island of Tongatapu in The Complete Guide to Tongatapu and 50 Best Things to Do on Tongatapu.

The Best Resorts on Tongatapu

  • Tukulolo Grounds & Treehouses – Handcrafted treehouses with meals to purchase and fire shows
  • Katea Retreat – Five contemporary self-contained bungalows with beach access, restaurant and shows
  • Oholei Beach Resort – Open for cultural shows. Accommodation TBA.

Intrigued? For more details on these accommodations, check out the 20 Best Hotels & Resorts on Tongatapu.

The Best Hotels on Tongatapu

More information on these hotels is listed in the 20 Best Hotels in Nuku’alofa.

The Best Guesthouses on Tongatapu

More information on these guesthouses is listed in the 10 Best Guesthouses on Tongatapu.

The Best Backpacker Hostels on Tongatapu

  • Backpackers Townhouse – Two-bed dorms and private rooms near the Royal Tombs
  • Village Backpackers – Budget dorm and private rooms in a hotel-style setting
  • Toni’s Guesthouses & Apartments – Private rooms and dorms with some shared facilities in Tofoa and Puke.

For more details on these accommodations, check out the 5 Best Backpacker Hostels on Tongatapu.

The Best Apartments and Holiday Homes on Tongatapu

Learn more about these accommodations in the 10 Best Holiday Homes on Tongatapu and 10 Best Holiday Apartments in Tonga.

The Best Side of Nuku’alofa to Stay

Where about should you stay in Nuku’alofa? Central Nuku’alofa and Kolofo’ou provide your easiest access to the town centre and its attractions, while Vuna Road and Ma’ufanga are more endearing options on the waterfront with proximity to some of the city’s best dining and boating activities. Luckily, we have a complete guide on the best places to stay in the city. Check it out in Where to Stay in Nuku’alofa: The Best Accommodations and Where to Stay on Tongatapu: The Best Accommodations.

Where to Stay in Tonga: The BEST Accommodations 🌴 [2023]© TongaPocketGuide.com

Where to Stay: ‘Eua

An ultra-short flight or a not-so-strenuous ferry ride from Tongatapu, ‘Eua is an amazing island to visit if you want to experience more than Tongatapu but are on limited time. The island is Tonga’s oldest, weathered with natural archways, limestone cliffs awash with caves, and rock gardens providing habitat for wild horses. Not to mention the ‘Eua National Park forest where nature lovers will be able to wander between 800-year-old banyan trees and look out for the native red shining parrot.

‘Eua might be Tonga’s second-largest island, but it is not too developed, with only a handful of accommodations on the island for travellers to choose from. What’s more, all of the accommodations are budget-friendly, making it an affordable destination in Tonga.

Find out more about the island of ‘Eua in The Complete Guide to ‘Eua and the 50 Best Things to Do on ‘Eua.

The Best Budget Guesthouses on ‘Eua

  • ‘Alakoka Tahi Moana Guest House (Kiko’s) – Largest guesthouse with a restaurant and tours
  • Talei’s Guesthouse – Neat motel-style guesthouse with free breakfast and an on-site restaurant
  • Falakiko Guesthouse – Standalone ensuite units with island tours
  • Highlight Guesthouse – Basic guesthouse with island tours.

Interested? Take a look at the 5 Best Guesthouses on ‘Eua.

The Best Self-Contained Units on ‘Eua

  • Tukia Complex – Standalone self-catering one- and two-bedroom units
  • Seta’s Guest House – Upstairs self-catering unit and downstairs budget rooms with car rental
  • Pacific-Sila Lodge – Room or holiday unit rental with kitchens and on-site shop.

Want to learn more? Head to the 5 Best Self-Catering Accommodations on ‘Eua.

The Best of the Rest on ‘Eua

  • Blue Water Retreat – Ensuite units and glamping tents by the beach with restaurant and tours
  • Toafa Lodge – Selection of double ensuite rooms in a central village.

Discover all of ‘Eua’s places to stay in Where to Stay on ‘Eua: The Best ‘Eua Accommodations.

Where to Stay in Tonga: The BEST Accommodations 🌴 [2023]© TongaPocketGuide.com

Where to Stay: Ha’apai

Despite sitting smack in the middle of Tonga, Ha’apai is overlooked by most tourists. The island group of Ha’apai has 62 islands, but only the seriously determined travellers will make their way beyond Lifuka, Foa and Uoleva islands. Nevertheless, Ha’apai provides the ultimate destination to escape from it all.

The sheltered lagoons off many of the idyllic beaches in Ha’apai make the islands a popular spot for kayaking, snorkelling and especially kitesurfing. Scuba diving in its crystal clear waters is a must here, as is swimming the uncrowded water with humpback whales.

The hub of the islands in the town of Pangai, which offers guesthouses, a small collection of eateries, a market and a limited choice of stores and essential services. Travellers will either stay in a guesthouse in Pangai or opt for one of the beach resorts, many offering an off-the-grid experience.

Find out more about Ha’apai in The Complete Guide to Ha’apai and the 50 Best Things to Do in Ha’apai.

The Best Resorts in Ha’apai

  • Matafonua Lodge – Family-friendly resort with thatched fales, shared bathrooms and holiday activities
  • Sandy Beach Resort – Couple-centric resort and sister resort to Matafonua with a similar activity offering
  • Serenity Beaches Resort – Open-air and enclosed wooden fales with access to two sides of the island
  • Diana Beach Resort – Only locally run and budget resort and whale swimming operation on Uoleva
  • Sea Change Eco Retreat – Glamping tents and wooden fales with emphasis on yoga, massages, whale swimming and fishing.

Check out the 10 Best Resorts in Ha’apai for more options and information on these holiday accommodations.

The Best Guesthouses on Ha’apai

  • Evaloni Guesthouse – Standalone double-bed units with ensuite and kitchenette
  • Lindsay Guesthouse – Guesthouse with private ensuite rooms and rooms with shared facilities
  • Fifita Guesthouse – Budget accommodation close to town.

For more details on some of these accommodations, check out the 5 Best Guesthouses in Ha’apai or check out all of your options in our guide, Where to Stay in Ha’apai: The Best Accommodations.

Where to Stay in Tonga: The BEST Accommodations 🌴 [2023]© TongaPocketGuide.com

Where to Stay: Vava’u

Island resorts, the bustling town of Neiafu and a sailing hub of the South Pacific, Vava’u is one of the most popular island groups for tourists in Tonga. Just about anything you imagined doing in Tonga is available here, from swimming with humpback whales to snorkelling in majestic sea caves like Swallows’ Cave. It’s also a top sailing ground with a labyrinth of inlets and islands compacted together.

Visitors can stay in one of the hotels or guesthouses in Neiafu, on one of the otherwise uninhabited islands with island resorts, or in villas and resorts scattered across the islands connected to the main island by causeways.

Find out more about staying in Vava’u in The Complete Guide to Vava’u and the 50 Best Things to Do in Vava’u.

The Best Resorts in Vava’u

  • Mala Island Resort – Artistic Tongan-inspired fales a short boat ride from Neiafu
  • The Reef Resort – Tonga’s only 4.5-star resort on Kapa Island
  • Treasure Island Eco Resort – Stone and timber fales with good whale whale swimming on ‘Euaiki Island
  • Mystic Sands – Couple-centric yet family-friendly waterfront resort with a pool
  • Tongan Beach Resort – Beachfront bungalows with good snorkelling and a reputable restaurant

Learn more about these accommodations in the 10 Best Resorts in Vava’u and 10 Best Self-Catering Accommodations in Vava’u.

The Best Guesthouses in Vava’u

  • Flying Annie Moa – Private rooms with ensuite or shared facilities, breakfast included
  • Oceanside Lodge – Air-conditioned rooms with very good breakfast included
  • Port Wine Guest House – Range of rooms with private and shared facilities and a very good breakfast
  • Pio’s Backpackers – Central guesthouse with three basic rooms and shared facilities
  • Port of Refuge Villas – Basic rooms with shared facilities across two bungalows.

For more details on some of these accommodations, check out the 10 Best Guesthouses in Vava’u.

The Best Apartments in Vava’u

  • Boathouse Apartments – Fully self-contained one-, two-bedroom and studios with harbour views
  • Billfish Holiday Apartments – Fully self-contained studio apartments with garden, jetty and fishing charters
  • Saralee’s House – Double studios with kitchen facilities and waterfront access
  • Lucky’s Beach Houses – Budget rooms and self-contained units for a self-sufficient stay by the beach
  • Vaimalo – Overwater self-contained fales with kayaks, snorkelling and car rental.

Learn more about these accommodations in the 5 Best Holiday Homes in Vava’u and 10 Best Self-Catering Accommodations in Vava’u.

The Best Hotels in Vava’u

  • The Harbourview – Garden bungalows with a popular restaurant and watersports rental
  • Humpback Lodge – Boutique hotel with a popular restaurant
  • Wolfgramm Beachfront – Contemporary double rooms with kitchenette and kayaks
  • Puataukanave Hotel – The largest hotel in Vava’u right on the waterfront with spacious rooms
  • Elim Hotel – Chinese-orientated hotel with a restaurant, whale tours and car rentals.

Check out the 10 Best Hotels in Vava’u for more information on these mid-range accommodations, as well as Where to Stay in Vava’u: The Best Accommodations for a list of all of your options.

Where to Stay in Tonga: The BEST Accommodations 🌴 [2023]© TongaPocketGuide.com

The Best Accommodations in Tonga: Accommodation Categories

By now, you’ve probably realised that Tonga has accommodations appealing to all types of travellers and that here, at Tonga Pocket Guide, we’ve ranked them all! Browse Tonga accommodations by category using the following links:

More About Where to Stay in Tonga + The Best Tonga Accommodations

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