8 Best Kitesurfing Resorts in Tonga(c) Tonga Ministry of Tourism
8 Best Kitesurfing Resorts in Tonga

8 Best Kitesurfing Resorts in Tonga

(c) Tonga Ministry of Tourism

Where to Kitesurf in Tonga

If you’ve read The Guide to Kitesurfing in Tonga, then you know that Tonga is a must for any keen kitesurfer. With year-round kitesurfing available on shallow butter-flat water, Tonga’s islands seem like they were designed by nature for kitesurfing. So where should you base yourself for a kitesurfing holiday? Take a look at this list of the best kitesurfing resorts in Tonga for ideas!

Note that Tonga is an ever-evolving country with some services that accommodations provide changing with little notice. While we try to keep our accommodation listings up-to-date, know that some services may have changed. If you have an update, feel free to reach out.

1. Matafonua Lodge

Kitesurfing is available right on your doorstep at the Matafonua Lodge. Located on the northern tips of Foa Island in Ha’apai, Matafonua’s beach has 300 degrees of wind exposure, so you can kitesurf in just about any wind direction. There are IKO-certified instructors on hand to help you hone your skills. When you’re done kitesurfing, you’ll be able to grab a bite to eat at the resort restaurant and retreat to your freestanding wooden fale on the beachfront. Bathrooms are communal. Family rooms are available. Learn more about Matafonua and other Ha’apai resorts in this list in 10 Best Resorts in Ha’apai.

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8 Best Kitesurfing Resorts in Tonga(c) Matafonua Lodge

2. Sandy Beach Resort

The sister resort to Matafonua Lodge, Sandy Beach Resort is your quieter and arguably more luxurious alternative. Stay in one of the modern beach houses with ensuite bathrooms and rooms designed with couples and solo travellers in mind. When you’re not relaxing on your private deck, you can be kitesurfing from the beachfront with the help of the instructors from Motofonua Lodge, as just about any activity available at Motofuna is also available at Sandy Beach.

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8 Best Kitesurfing Resorts in Tonga(c) Sandy Beach Resort

3. The Beach House (Shell Garden)

Travellers with their own kitesurfing gear can enjoy kitesurfing at one of the best kitesurfing spots in Vava’u right out the back of The Beach House. Harness the elements in the Hunga Lagoon, an almost landlocked lagoon boasting sheltered waters ideal for skimming on a wakeboard. The resort itself only has two idyllic beach houses, one for couples/solo travellers and one for groups. Each has its own space on the island, whether it’s in a coral garden or overhanging the beach. Learn more about this resort and others in Vava’u in 10 Best Resorts in Vava’u.

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4. Serenity Beaches Resort

Uolevu Island in Ha’apai is one of the hotspots for kitesurfing in Tonga, with one of the resorts giving you access to its tranquil waters being the Serenity Beaches Resort. Bring your own kitesurfing gear and enjoy the amazing kitesurfing waters that can be enjoyed in most wind directions. Accommodation is in either wooden open-air octagonal fales or closed concrete fales. There’s a central yoga pavilion to relax in and a dining area where guests share communal meals.

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8 Best Kitesurfing Resorts in Tonga(c) Serenity Beaches Resort

5. Fanifo Lofa Kitesurf Tonga

It’s in the name: Fanifo Lofa Kitesurf Tonga is nuts about kitesurfing and an obvious go-to if that’s what you’re in Tonga to do. The prime kitesurfing spot is just a five-minute walk from the resort, where staff will transport your gear for you. Alternatively, hop on a boat to the resort’s “secret spot” or “Spot X” for more amazing terrain, which can be enjoyed on a day trip. While it’s best to bring your own gear, the resort does have a few rentals available. As for accommodation, you’ll be staying in freestanding wooden fales with an ensuite.

8 Best Kitesurfing Resorts in Tonga(c) Stephan Kleinlein - Tonga Ministry of Tourism

6. Mandala Resort

This private island resort in Vava’u offers kitesurfing off the beach, as well as the “disappearing sand cay” accessible via the resort’s boat. Mandala Resort’s nearby kitesurfing areas experience around 10 months of consistent tradewinds each year. What’s more, the resort offers kitesurf tuition if organised in advance. Mandala is one of the more premium resorts available in Tonga, with a spectacular restaurant, luxury treehouses and beach fales.

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8 Best Kitesurfing Resorts in Tonga(c) Tonga Ministry of Tourism

7. Mouna Island Resort

Mouna Island Resort is well set up for kitesurfing, with an instructor, rental and gear purchases available if booked in advance. Make use of the southeast tradewinds on the south side of the island where there is a huge area of knee-deep sandy-bottom water ideal for learning. Alternatively, advanced riders can launch straight off the beach. Accommodation is in beautiful elevated fales keeping in with the island theme made from local materials.

8 Best Kitesurfing Resorts in Tonga(c) Tonga Ministry of Tourism

8. Treasure Island Eco Resort

Last but not least, independent kitesurfers can enjoy the tradewinds blowing alongside this island in Vava’u. Treasure Island Eco Resort offers support boats for kitesurfers wanting to explore around the island and outer reefs. As for accommodation, Treasure Island offers eco-fales with traditionally-thatched rooves and practices sustainability. Check out the 5 Best Eco Resorts in Vava’u for more information.

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More About Kitesurfing Resorts in Tonga

That’s it for the best kitesurfing resorts in Tonga. See more amazing stays in The Top 30 Resorts in Tonga. Plus, get even more trip-planning tips in The Complete Travel Guide to Tonga.


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