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5 Beautiful Places to Experience Yoga in Tonga

5 Beautiful Places to Experience Yoga in Tonga

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Where to Do Yoga in Tonga

The stunning islands of Tonga with their coral sands, clear blue waters and swaying palms provide an idyllic environment to relax and recharge. No wonder Tonga is a growing destination for wellness retreats! An exclusive selection of resorts in Tonga host their own yoga classes, including unique “Whales & Yoga”, SUP yoga and classic yoga in beachfront pavilions. Find out more in the list of beautiful places to experience yoga in Tonga below.

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1. Serenity Beaches Resort

One of the most popular resorts for yoga retreats in Tonga, Serenity Beaches Resort provides a relaxing environment to relax and rejuvenate. The resort is nestled in a quiet corner of Uolevu Island in the Ha’apai Group, an island group famous for having more uninhabited islands than inhabited ones. While the resort has frequent yoga retreats, casual guests can also indulge in a yoga class in the large octagonal yoga pavilion. Massages are also available from the owner who is a qualified therapist and yoga instructor. Check out more resorts in Ha’apai here.

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2. Sea Change Eco Retreat

An eco-resort also on the island of Uolevu in Ha’apai, Sea Change Eco Retreat provides a stunning place to practice yoga in their dedicated yoga pavilion. The pavilion is nestled in the shade of coconut trees to allow you to escape the heat but immerse in nature. The resort offers informal yoga classes in the pavilion, as well as unique “Yoga & Whales” sessions. You’ll enjoy a 45-minute pre-whale swim yoga class to prepare yourself for the life-changing experience. After your swim, you’ll have a 45-minute class to stretch out your body and mind after the excitement of the day. Learn more about Serenity Beaches and other resorts in the area in the 7 Best Eco Resorts in Ha’apai.

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3. Matafonua Lodge

Also in the Ha’apai Group, Matafonua Lodge is located at the northern tip of Foa Island on the edge of the beautiful Houmale’eia Beach. The boutique resort offers two options for yoga, either on land with the yoga mats provided or on the water on a Stand-Up Paddleboard. SUP fitness and SUP yoga classes are the resort’s speciality providing a new challenge for the keen yogi.

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4. Sandy Beach Resort

Matafonua Lodge’s sister resort, Sandy Beach Resort, offers slightly more modern fales (beach huts) for couples. They offer the same SUP fitness and SUP yoga classes as Matafonua Lodge, but in an arguably more secluded and serene beach location to do yoga from.

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5. Mandala Resort

Finally, a beautiful place to do yoga in an alternative island group in Tonga is at the Mandala Resort in Vava’u. This premium resort on its very own private island is the ultimate place to unplug and recharge. The island resort has its very own RYT-500 Yoga teacher and Reiki II practitioner. She instructs a range of yoga styles including Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Sivananda, Ashtanga and offers Yoga Therapy. Yoga takes place on the beachfront yoga deck. Find out more about the resort in 10 Best Resorts in Vava’u.

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