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5 Best Eco-Resorts in Vava'u

5 Best Eco-Resorts in Vava’u

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Environmentally Friendly Resorts in Vava’u

The last thing we want to do when visiting stunning destinations is to leave a negative environmental impact. The islands of Vava’u are mostly pristine and surrounded by crystal-clear waters. Do your bit to help keep it that way by supporting the resorts and accommodations in Vava’u with an eco-friendly ethos. There is a limited number of resorts offering eco-friendly stays on beautiful islands, which we list as the best eco-resorts in Vava’u below.

Note that Tonga is an ever-evolving country, especially when it comes to accommodation. With that in mind, some of the services accommodations provide are known to change without notice. If there is any information needing an update in the listings below, feel free to reach out!

1. Treasure Island Eco Resort

Vava’u’s original eco-resort, Treasure Island Eco Resort is well worth considering for the environmentally conscious traveller. To keep the resort’s 48-acre (19 ha) island beautiful, the resort uses solar power and collects fresh rainwater which runs through its own filtration system. The traditional-style fales (bungalows) are made from natural timber keeping in tune with the surrounding environment. Treasure Island Eco Resort also offers eco-friendly whale swimming tours in their low-impact outrigger vessel. Compare this resort with others in the 10 Best Resorts in Vava’u.

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2. Tonga Beach House (Last Season 2024)

Enjoy a tropical holiday in one of the two cottages available on Fofoa Island. Tonga Beach House has two gorgeous accommodations in elevated positions with incredible views. The homes run on solar and wind power with a small backup generator. Water comes from rainwater, while all water bottles used onshore and in the boat tours are plastic-free. The resort has a recycling policy, while the complimentary soaps are made from local coconut oil. There are no one-use toiletry items provided and guests are encouraged to bring non-toxic hair products, as well as use reef-safe sunscreen. Part of the nightly rate is a donation to the Vava’u Environment Protection Agency (VEPA). See more accommodations like this in our 10 Best Honeymoon Accommodations in Vava’u.

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3. Blue Lagoon Resort

Stay in one of the four overwater beach huts at the Blue Lagoon Resort. Each beach hut is unique being either a bungalow or split-level and most have a private deck. Whatever you choose, your simplistic yet quirky abode is fully powered by solar and wind energy. The resort caters to couples, families and groups, where time can be shared swimming with whales on their own reputable whale-watching tour, watching whales from the beach, kayaking and snorkelling. Food is served as part of a meal plan at the on-site restaurant. Note that the resort is only open from July to October (the whale season). This accommodation is also suitable for families, as listed in the 10 Best Family Accommodations in Vava’u.

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4. Mandala Island

An upmarket resort on its own private island, Mandala Island Resort boasts an ethical and eco-friendly ethos. Stay in one of the six hand-crafted bungalows available, which are powered by solar energy and have low-flow composting toilets. The resort uses a rainwater catchment and uses a UV light-filtration system to make rainwater safe to drink. The complimentary toiletries offered are also organic and biodegradable. Note that Mandala Resort is exclusively available as a seven-day all-inclusive package through TradeWinds. Learn more about this resort in the 5 Best Luxury Accommodation in Vava’u.

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5. Mounu Island Resort

Mounu Island Resort is a private island resort that has aimed to have minimal impact on the island in its construction. The four fales at the resort are made from natural materials, elevated and take as little space on the island as possible. The resort offers eco-tourism activities, such as snorkelling, an ethical approach to whale swimming, bird-watching and fish feeding. They also serve organic cuisine in their on-site restaurant.

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More About Eco-Resorts in Vava’u

That’s it for our list of the best eco-resorts in Vava’u. Note that staying in shared guesthouses can also have less of an impact and have a more ethical impact on the local economy. For more tips, check out the following:

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