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7 Best Eco-Resorts in Ha'apai

5 Best Eco-Resorts in Ha’apai

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Environmentally Friendly and Ethical Resorts in Ha’apai

In islands and waters as pristine as Ha’apai, no wonder those who live there want to look after it as much as possible. Staying in stunning natural environments, such as crystal-clear water lapping onto sandy shores lined with lush vegetation, the resorts in Ha’apai do their best to keep in tune with the surroundings you undoubtedly came to enjoy. While some basic beach huts provide a minimalistic stay with friendly locals, some resorts provide all of the modern comforts using sustainable energy. Check out some of your best options for an eco-friendly stay in Ha’apai with this list of the best eco-resorts in Ha’apai!

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1. Kitesurf Tonga

While Kitefsurf Tonga might seem all about kitesurfing at first glance, the boutique resort on Uoleva Island also has an environmentally friendly policy. Their five beach huts are made with natural timber to blend in with the surroundings. The whole resort uses solar and wind energy, as well as composting toilets. Recycling and energy efficiency are also promoted to guests during their stay to help keep the resort’s corner of Ha’apai beautiful, while meals include a lot of produce grown in the resort’s garden. Learn more about the resort in our 5 Best Luxury Accommodations in Ha’apai.

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2. Serenity Beaches Resort

Another gem on the otherwise uninhabited Uoleva Island, Serenity Beaches Resort offers a range of wooden fales for guests either wishing to do whale swimming, one of their yoga retreats or simply nothing at all… The eco-resort uses rainwater, while electricity is collected from the sun and almost all food is brought in by local farmers and fishermen. Although meat is an option for food, they also cater extremely well to vegetarians to minimise your impact further. Learn more about this accommodation and others in the 5 Best Honeymoon Accommodations in Ha’apai.

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3. Diana Beach Resort

Ha’apai’s most authentic traditional fales can be found at the locally-run Diana Beach Resort, formerly Taiana’s Resort. Enjoy an ethical stay with locals on their home turf, staying in one out of the small selection of fales that have been made with natural materials (except for a tin roof), and using a shared shower and toilet for all guests for minimal impact. Camping is also available. Food is either BYO or you can arrange a local breakfast and dinner with your hosts. It’s all about the minimalist lifestyle here. What’s more, Diana Beach Resort is the only Tongan-operated whale swimming operator on Ha’apai. Learn more about the resort and others like it in the 5 Best Budget Accommodations in Ha’apai.

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4. Sea Change Eco Retreat

As the name strongly suggests, Sea Change Eco Retreat is a resort committed to providing an environmentally friendly stay in Ha’apai. Accommodation is either in wooden fales (beach huts) or glamping safari tents on elevated decks, allowing guests to really connect with the surrounding beachfront forest. Each fale uses fresh and clean water in the ensuite outside bathroom from rainwater and rooms are only serviced as required. The whole resort is off-the-grid, running on solar power. The resort also offers a number of eco-tourism experiences, from swimming with whales to yoga retreats, while a vegetarian option is included in the meal plan each day. Learn more about the resort in the 10 Best Resorts in Ha’apai.

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5. Fanga ‘o Ipu Lahi Resort

Experience pure isolation on Lifuka Island at Fanga ’o Ipu Lahi Resort. The only accommodation on the secluded eastern beaches of Ha’apai’s main island, Lifuka, Fanga ‘o Ipu Lahi provides the beach resort experience without the inconvenience and extra fuel expenditure to get to the resort by boat. Although not an eco-resort in the traditional sense, the resort is locally owned and operated for a more socially ethical stay. Units come in the form of double ensuites and single-bed cabins with shared bathroom facilities, all connected by an elevated boardwalk winding through attractive tropical gardens. There aren’t many activities on offer here, as this accommodation is all about relaxation.

7 Best Eco-Resorts in Ha'apai© TongaPocketGuide.com

More About Eco-Resorts in Ha’apai

That’s it for our list of the best eco-resorts in Ha’apai. For more tips on a more sustainable trip to “The Kingdom”, take a look at the following:

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