10 Best Accommodation in Ha’apai for Foodies
10 Best Accommodation in Ha’apai for Foodies

10 Best Accommodation in Ha’apai for Foodies

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Resorts with Restaurants and Self-catering Accommodation in Ha’apai

For the foodie, Ha’apai has very limited resorts with restaurants. Most resorts offering communal meals in their dining room. Nevertheless, this gets foodies out of their comfort zone, trying something new and exciting every day with almost all food made with fresh local produce from Ha’apai’s plantations and waters. Self-catering accommodation is available at the guest houses in Pangai on Lifuka Island, where there are a market, bakery and small convenience stores to pick up supplies. We’ll go through all of your best options for resort dining and self-catering in this list of accommodation in Ha’apai for foodies!

Note that Tonga is an ever-evolving country, especially when it comes to accommodation. With that in mind, some of the services accommodations provide are known to change without notice. If there is any information needing an update in the listings below, feel free to reach out!

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1. Matafonua Lodge

Located at the tip of Foa Island, Matafonua Lodge has a mighty offering of food for guests and non-guests at their kiosk-style cafe. Break into healthy wraps, sandwiches and salads, have something comforting like a pie or a burger, and sit down for dinner with fresh fish dishes and pizzas! The foodie experiences don’t end there with the resort also offering fantastic culture tours to a nearby island to indulge in a Tongan feast. As for accommodation, stay in one of the their attractive wooden fales (beach huts) with shared, but well-presented, bathroom facilities.

Check Matafonua Lodge out:
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2. Serenity Beaches Resort

A remote resort on Uolevu Island, Serenity Beaches Resort offers relaxing retreats for yoga, meditation, whale swimming and more. Stay in one of their open-air octagonal fales or more private concrete fales where you’ll have your own outdoor shower so you’re always feeling connected to nature. Part of the experience is the meals. While there is no formal restaurant, food is in more of a communal dinner. Food is brought in by local farmers and fishermen for ethical and sustainable meals. Meals are mostly healthy and boast variety despite the limited ingredients the resort has access to. What’s more, they cater exceptionally well to vegetarians.

Check Serenity Beaches Resort out:
10 Best Accommodation in Ha’apai for Foodies(c) Serenity Beaches Resort


3. Sandy Beach Resort

Your more upmarket resort offering in Ha’apai, Sandy Beach Resort has a small selection of freestanding beach bungalows built in a more modern style than what’s found elsewhere in the islands. Each bungalow has an ensuite with high-pressure hot water showers, while guest have access to a wealth of complimentary activities and paid excursions, from culture tours to fishing. The resort also prides itself on its restaurant which is the closest thing you will find to fine dining in Ha’apai. Indulge in fresh fish and lobster paired with good wines, beers or something off the cocktail menu.

Check Sandy Beach Resort out:
10 Best Accommodation in Ha’apai for Foodies(c) Sandy Beach Resort


4. Fifita Guesthouse

Fifita Guesthouse is not only located on top of the island’s only restaurant, the Mariner’s Cafe, but it also offers kitchen facilities for the self-caterer. The guest house has seven rooms available, including single and double rooms with shared hot-water bathrooms and an ensuite room with cold water. Breakfast is included in the stay, while dinner is available to arrange with the host should you want to try some local food. Otherwise, the Mariner’s Cafe is just downstairs, serving burgers, pizzas, fish and chicken dishes, soups and a Friday-night barbecue in the high season. See more accommodation like this in the 7 Best Budget Accommodation in Ha’apai.

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5. Lindsays Guesthouse

Another guest house with an ideal location for foodies, Lindsays Guesthouse is located right by Lifuka Island’s one and only bakery. That means the smell of freshly-baked bread is constantly wafting into this budget accommodation, which is also the largest guest house in Ha’apai. Choose from single, double and triple rooms with shared cold-water bathrooms, as well as double and triple ensuites. While breakfast is included and lunch can be arranged with the hosts, dinners are not on offer here but guests are free to use the kitchen. Get supplies from the bakery next door or from the markets and fale koloa (convenience stores) about a 10-minute walk into town. See more accommodation like this in our 7 Best Family Accommodation in Ha’apai.

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6. Fonongava’inga (Langi Langi) Guesthouse

Self-catering and fantastic meals are an option at the Fonongava’inga Guesthouse, otherwise known as Langi Langi Guesthouse. Arrange breakfast and lunch to be prepared for you or a true Tongan dinner with lobster dishes available. Alternatively, guests have access to a kitchen for a small fee. As for rooms, the guest house has seven rooms, including single, double and triple rooms with shared facilities and a light-filled guest lounge. You can also learn Tongan handicrafts with the owner – find out more in the 10 Free & Cheap Things To Do in Ha’apai.

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7. The Lolofutu Beach Barn

An off-the-grid island experience only available in the whale season, The Lolofutu Beach Barn is all about the whale swimming and sustainable living. The glamping experience includes staying in elevated safari tents with a private deck and a double bed. While most of your time here will be spent on whale swimming trips, your downtime includes indulging in the included three meals a day, all of which are sustainably sourced and healthy. On Sundays, you will be welcomed to a Tongan feast to try traditional Tongan cuisine with the locals. Stays here are part of eight-day packages provided by Whale Discoveries. Find out more about the whale tour operator in the 5 Best Whale Swim Tours in Ha’apai.

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8. Sea Change Eco Retreat

Sea Change Eco Retreat doesn’t only provide mouthwatering meals for their guests, but they also offer unique dining experiences. Take them up on the offer to do a private dining experience on the beach with your loved one. The team will also pack a picnic, should you want to explore Uolevu Island for the day. All of this is included in the (almost mandatory) meal plan, which is recommended as there are no self-catering facilities and the resort is far from shops and restaurants. Their accommodation consists of spacious wooden fales and glamping safari tents, all far apart from each other to really make you feel like you’re in your own piece of paradise.

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9. Taiana’s Resort

An authentic Tongan experience, Taiana’s Resort is run by locals and offers a getaway for an affordable price. Stay in traditional-style beach fales where your days here can be spent kayaking, snorkelling, relaxing and mingling with fellow travellers and your local hosts. The accommodation on Uolevu Island has a central cooking area, however, supplies will need to be brought with you as the resort is far from pretty much everywhere. It’s almost easier to arrange breakfast, which is usually pancakes and toast, etc. and dinner, which is chicken or seafood dishes, with your hosts.

10 Best Accommodation in Ha’apai for Foodies(c) Pixabay


10. Evaloni Guesthouse

Centrally located in Pangai, Evaloni Guesthouse offers prepared meals, as well as self-catering facilities in a communal kitchen. Upstairs are two large airy double rooms with a fridge, while downstairs is a mix of private rooms with double beds at single and double rates. Food is a little pricier here than other guest houses, while the kitchen has a TOP$10 to use it. Bike hire is also available.

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