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8 Adult-Only Activities on Tongatapu

8 Adult-Only Activities in Tongatapu

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Child-Free Experiences on Tongatapu

Tongatapu is hardly a destination where screaming kids are going to spoil your holiday. Nevertheless, if you’ve had an adult-only getaway in the South Pacific before and never want to turn back, there are still plenty of ways to ensure your trip is as kid-free as possible. Tonga’s main island is home to an array of activities specifically aimed at adults, which we list in this guide to the adult-only activities on Tongatapu. Note that some suggestions don’t promise zero-kids, but are very unlikely to have them.

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1. Surf the Epic Reef Breaks at Ha’atafu Beach

A hidden gem of surfing in the South Pacific, Ha’atafu Beach is home to some of Tonga’s best surf breaks! Enjoy around 10 different surf breaks, uncrowded and ideal for experienced surfers (so don’t worry, you’re seriously unlikely to be sharing the waves with mini surfboards). The coastline here is perfectly situated to take advantage of swells from the distant South Pacific Ocean. Ha’atafu Beach Resort offers surfboard hire.

Location: Ha’atafu Beach, westside of Tongatapu

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2. Hire a Private Fishing Charter

Reeling in the big ones along the seamounts of Tongatapu is no place for a kid. Rest assured, a small-group shared or a private fishing charter is a sure way to have a child-free experience! Try your luck hooking up the likes of mahimahi, yellowfin tuna, marlin and sailfish on an exciting trip with experienced guides who know the best lures to use and will show you the hotspots. Compare fishing charters in The Best Fishing Charters on Tongatapu!

Location: Faua Wharf, Nuku’alofa

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3. Rent a Car and Explore the Sights of Tongatapu

Part of your adult-only holiday on Tongatapu can simply be hiring a car and hitting amazing sights like the Ha’amonga ‘a Maui Trilithon, the Mapu ‘a Vaea Blowholes, Tsunami Rock and so much more! You’ll find that even the most popular tourist attractions are uncrowded, and even if there are tour groups or other sightseers, they are often not there for long. Check out the sights to see and their locations in the 10 Free & Cheap Things To Do on Tongatapu. As a bonus tip, there are plenty of often-deserted beaches to relax on too, like Keleti Beach and Monotapu Beach. Check out all of the beaches in The Guide to the Beaches on Tongatapu.

Location: All over Tongatapu

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4. Indulge in a Relaxing Island Spa Treatment

In a private spa treatment room, shut out from the rest of the world experiencing your own cacoon of bliss, an island massage is a reliably “adults only”. Some of the best spas can be found in Nuku’alofa, such as Island Glow offering a wide range of massages, couples massages, facials and beauty treatments. There’s also the Acu-Reflex-Herbal & Garden Spa for healing rituals. Compare your options using The Best Spas on Tongatapu.

Location: Nuku’alofa

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5. Drink and be Merry at the Island’s Bars and Nightclubs

Tongatapu offers a wide range of nightlife, from a vibrant bar and nightclub scene in Nuku’alofa to relaxing waterfront bars in Tongatapu’s resorts. Some of Nuku’alofa’s bars include the waterfront Nauti Ruby’s Bar & Nightclub, the Billfish Bar & Restaurant, Vuna Restaurant & Bar and the Reload Bar in the city centre. You can still enjoy a drink or two at some of Tongatapu’s laid-back resorts, such as the Fafa Island Resort, Heilala Holiday Lodge and the Liku’alofa Beach Resort. Learn more about each bar and other forms of nightlife in The Guide to Nightlife on Tongatapu.

Location: All over Tongatapu

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6. Get a Tongan-Inspired Tattoo

The South Pacific is renowned for its Polynesian artwork and intricate tattooing. Get a special souvenir to commemorate your trip to Tonga by getting a Tongan-inspired tattoo! Nuku’alofa is home to two highly-praised tattoo studios, Happy Sailor Tattoo and Kaila Tattoo. The former offers free designing consultations from international tattoo artists, while the latter specialises in traditional Tongan style.

Location: Nuku’alofa

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7. Take a Private Tour of Tongatapu’s Sights

Explore Tongatapu with just the people you choose of a private bespoke tour with Tonga Travel Troupe. Let your knowledgeable guide take you to the highlights, such as the Ma’a Langi Ancient Tombs, Hufangalupe Land Bridge, and to see the flying foxes in Kolovai. Or let your guide know your preferences should you want to see something different. Either way, a Tongan lunch is included and you’ll have as much or as little time at each attraction as you desire. Find out more about the tour on Viator and Tripadvisor. Plus, learn more about the guided tours around Tongatapu here.

Location: Pick-ups are available from anywhere on Tongatapu

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8. Go on a Freediving Excursion

Experience diving at the next level on a freediving trip with Blue Water Explorer. Freediving is for experienced freedivers only, so forget about sharing this trip with over-enthusiastic children. The team will take you to one of the amazing dive sites around Tongatapu and ‘Eua Island, depending on what the conditions allow. It could be to various shipwrecks, within the glorious Cathedral Cave with light beaming through the ceiling, or to seamounts where it’s possible to go spearfishing. Learn more about diving from Tongatapu in The Best Snorkel & Scuba Dive Tours on Tongatapu.

Location: Faua Wharf, Nuku’alofa

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