The Adult Only Guide to Nuku'alofa(c)
The Adult Only Guide to Nuku'alofa

The Adults-Only Travel Guide to Nuku’alofa


How to Plan an Adults-Only Holiday to Nuku’alofa

The South Pacific is becoming more and more desirable as an “adults-only” holiday destination. While there are some adults-only resorts on Tonga‘s outer islands, there is only the odd accommodation in the nation’s capital that does not allow guests under the age of 10. Although options are limited, this still ensures the right tone is set for guests seeking a relaxing retreat. Nevertheless, Tonga isn’t exactly teeming with families on holiday (don’t worry, they’re all in Fiji), so if you are in Nuku’alofa wanting to escape the hustle and bustle (or your own kids), then this adults-only travel guide to Nuku’alofa should see you right.

5 Adults-Only Activities in Nuku’alofa

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of planning an adults-only trip to Nuku’alofa, get an overview of experiences with these adult-only activities:

  1. Check out Nuku’alofa’s awesome nightlife and bar scene
  2. Relax with a soothing spa treatment
  3. Dive among caves and corals on a scuba diving excursion
  4. Take a private tour of Nuku’alofa and Tongatapu
  5. Get a Tongan-inspired tattoo.

Learn more about each experience in the 10 Adult-Only Activities in Nuku’alofa & Tongatapu.

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How to Get to Nuku’alofa

Nuku’alofa is well connected to the rest of the world via its nearby international airport and cruise ship port right on its doorstep. While there are no exclusively “adult-only” ways of getting around, there is transport that offers more privacy, such as car rentals, taxis, cycling and private tours.

Nuku’alofa By Plane

Nuku’alofa’s nearest airport is Fua’amotu International Airport, which is a 30-minute drive away. Direct flights to Fua’amotu Airport are available from Auckland (New Zealand), Sydney (Australia) and Nadi (Fiji). Coming from elsewhere, you’ll need to make connections in the above airports. See Which Airlines Fly Straight to Tonga? for more information. Flights between Tongatapu and its other islands of ‘Eua, Vava’u, Ha’apai and The Niuas are also available through the domestic terminal. Learn more about airport transfers in Your Airport Transfer Options.

Nuku’alofa By Cruise

Several cruise liners have Nuku’alofa on the itinerary. Vuna Wharf on the waterfront of the city is where cruise ships anchor, conveniently beside the Royal Palace and a short walk from the city centre. Although there are no adult-only cruises that visit Nuku’alofa, cruises are listed in the 10 Cruises That Visit Tonga.

How to Get Around Nuku’alofa

The city centre of Nuku’alofa is compact enough to enjoy on foot, while those wishing to explore further afield can find very affordable bicycle and car hire. Taxi fares are also very reasonable for travelling in and around Nuku’alofa. Finally, bus travel is only a couple of Pa’anga per trip but the bus schedules in Nuku’alofa have greatly reduced over recent years. Learn more about all of the transport methods mentioned in the Nuku’alofa Transport Guide: 10 Ways to Get to (& Around) Nuku’alofa.

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Activities in Nuku’alofa for Adults

Nuku’alofa presents a few ways to escape the crowds and simply enjoy a day out with the people you choose (or by yourself). From relaxing spa treatments to exciting sports like scuba diving, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the capital of Tonga with little disturbance from little ones.

Spa Treatments

In a private spa treatment room, shut out from the rest of the world and experience your own cacoon of bliss. Needless to say, an island massage is a reliably “adults only” experience. Some of the best spas can be found in Nuku’alofa, such as Island Glow (Tonga Post Building, Taufa’ahau Road) offering a wide range of massages, couples massages, facials and beauty treatments. Compare your options using The 5 Best Spas in Nuku’alofa & Tongatapu.

Scuba Diving

Although not “adult-exclusive”, your group can hire a small charter dive boat for a reasonable price in Nuku’alofa. Either way, it’s not likely that your dive boat is likely to be full of kids, due to scuba divers having to be certified. As for the experience, Tonga’s underwater world presents many exciting sights! Explore caves created by volcanic activity now harbouring coral reefs viewed through crystal clear waters. Join operators from Faua Wharf for their fantastic dive offerings – check out The Best Snorkel & Scuba Dive Tours in Tongatapu & Nuku’alofa.

Private Tours

Explore Nuku’alofa and Tongatapu with just the people you choose on a private bespoke tour with Tonga Travel Troupe. Let your knowledgeable guide take you to the highlights, such as the Ma’a Langi Ancient Tombs and Hufangalupe Land Bridge, and to see the flying foxes in Kolovai. Or let your guide know your preferences should you want to see something different. Either way, a Tongan lunch is included and you’ll have as much or as little time at each attraction as you desire. Find out more about the tour, as well as other companies offering private sightseeing tours in the 5 Best Guided Island Land Tours of Tongatapu.

Tongan Tattoos

The South Pacific is renowned for its Polynesian artwork and intricate tattooing. Get a special souvenir to commemorate your trip to Tonga by getting a Tongan-inspired tattoo! Nuku’alofa is home to two highly-praised tattoo studios, Happy Sailor Tattoo (cnr Salote and Fatafehi Road) and Kaila Tattoo (Vuna Road, Touliki). The former offers free design consultations from international tattoo artists, while the latter specialises in traditional Tongan styles.

More Things to Do in Nuku’alofa

On top of all the activities mentioned, Nuku’alofa also has some awesome fitness classes, bicycle rentals and more. We go over them all in the 10 Adult-Only Activities in Nuku’alofa & Tongatapu. For more experiences that don’t necessarily fall into the “adults-only” category but are still just as amazing, take a look at the 30 Best Things to Do in Nuku’alofa.

The Adult-Only Guide to Nuku’alofa(c)

Nightlife in Nuku’alofa

Tonga’s capital has a vibrant bar scene where Tongans drink with enthusiasm. Whether it’s at the bar or in a kava circle, there are plenty of ways to experience Tongan nightlight in Nuku’alofa.

Bars in Nuku’alofa

Nuku’alofa offers a wide range of nightlife, from a vibrant bar and nightclub scene to relaxing waterfront bars. Seaview Restaurant (Vuna Road) provides an endearing setting for sundowners with their cocktail deck soaking in the sunset during happy hour.

Poolside drinks can be enjoyed at the Tanoa International Dateline Hotel (Vuna Road). Their Fresh Bar & Grill offers seating in or out of the shade right by the pool, which offers an attractive setting to meet with friends and loved ones.

Alternatively, hit the karaoke at Nauti Ruby’s (Faua Wharf) before the evening’s DJ set begins or head to the city centre nightclubs of Reload (Taufa’auha Road) and Ciora (Taufa’auha Road). Finally, mingle with the locals and enjoy contemporary Tongan tunes at Tali’eva Inn & Bar (Taufa’auha Road).

Learn more about Nuku’alofa’s bar scene in Nuku’alofa & Tongatapu Nightlife Guide + 5 Things to Do at Night. Plus, check out happy hours in The Ultimate Guide to Nightlife in Tonga.

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Dining in Nuku’alofa

Boasting the largest food scene in Tonga, Nuku’alofa is certainly a place to experience the flavours of The Kingdom. Although you’ll struggle to find any child-free restaurants, alternatively self-catering is a viable option to keep things more private.

Restaurants in Nuku’alofa

Tonga’s capital presents an array of upmarket dine-in experiences. Gaze at the Nuku’alofa city skyline as you dine on international favourites at The TOP Restaurant (Taufa’ahau Road). Indulge in Tongan cuisine, from lu to pan-fried mahimahi, on impeccably presented plates at The Waterfront (Vuna Road).

Alternatively, be transported to Italy while enjoying waterfront dining at Little Italy (Vuna Road). A little further along from Little Italy, Seaview Lodge & Restaurant (Vuna Road) offers an upmarket dining experience and cocktail deck overlooking the waterfront. Finally, for a fine dining night in, Lunarossa Deli (Salote Road) serves up five-star restaurant cuisine to takeaway.

See more of our top recommendations in the 20 Best Restaurants in Nuku’alofa, while some options for lunch are listed in the 10 Best Cafes in Nuku’alofa & Tongatapu.


A surefire way to save money on food, not to mention have a quiet night in, is to cook your own meals. Stay at one of the 10 Best Self-Catering Accommodations in Nuku’alofa & Tongatapu and pick up groceries from the many convenience stores, fale koloa and roadside produce stalls to whip up your own sustenance! Check out The Guide to Supermarkets & Food Shopping in Tonga for more tips for a self-catering trip.

More About Planning an Adults-Only Trip to Nuku’alofa

That’s it for our guide to adults-only trips to Nuku’alofa. For more about planning the ultimate adults-only escape to Tonga, take a look at the following:

Finally, plan the ultimate child-free getaway with ease using the Tonga Adults-Only Itinerary: 14 DaysTonga Adults-Only Itinerary: 7 Days and Tonga Adults-Only Itinerary: 5 Days.


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