The Adult Only Guide to Nuku'alofa(c)
The Adult Only Guide to Nuku'alofa

The Adults-Only Vacation Guide to Nuku’alofa


Adult-Only Holidays in Nuku’alofa

The South Pacific is becoming more and more desirable as an “adult-only” holiday destination. While adult-only resorts are not yet available in Tonga, there are a select few accommodations in the nation’s capital that do not allow guests under the age of 10 or 12. This ensures the right tone is set for guests seeking a relaxing retreat. While Tonga isn’t exactly teeming with families on holiday (don’t worry, they’re all in Fiji), if you are in Nuku’alofa wanting to escape the hustle and bustle (or your own kids), then this adults-only vacation guide to Nuku’alofa should guide you right.

5 Adult-Only Activities in Nuku’alofa

  • Check out Nuku’alofa’s awesome nightlife and bar scene
  • Relax with a soothing spa treatment
  • Dive among caves and corals on a scuba diving excursion
  • Try your luck on a private fishing charter
  • Take a private tour of Nuku’alofa and Tongatapu

Learn more about each experience in the 5 Adult-Only Activities in Nuku’alofa.

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How to Get to Nuku’alofa

Nuku’alofa is well connected to the rest of the world via its nearby international airport and cruise ship port right on its doorstep. While there are no exclusively “adult-only” ways of getting around, there is transport that offer more privacy, such as car rentals, taxis and private tours.

By Plane

Nuku’alofa’s nearest airport is Fua’amotu International Airport, which is a 30-minute drive away. Direct flights to Fua’amotu Airport are available from Auckland (New Zealand), Sydney (Australia) and Nadi (Fiji). Coming from elsewhere, you’ll need to make connections in the above airports. See Which Airlines Fly Straight to Tonga? for more information. Flights between Tongatapu and its other islands of ‘Eua, Vava’u, Ha’apai and The Niuas are also available through the domestic terminal.

By Cruise

Several cruise liners have Nuku’alofa on the itinerary. Vuna Wharf on the waterfront of the city is where cruise ships anchor, conveniently beside the Royal Palace and a short walk from the city centre. Although there are no adult-only cruises that visit Nuku’alofa, cruises are available with Holland America Line, P&O, Princess Cruises, Celebrity Cruises and much more. Learn more in 10 Cruises that Visit Tonga.

Taxis in Nuku’alofa

Taxis are available at both terminals of Fua’amotu Airport. They provide one of the most private ways to get to Nuku’alofa and around the city. Note that taxis have a “T” at the beginning of their number registration. Taxis don’t operate on Sundays. See more tips for taking taxis in Tonga here.

Rental Cars in Nuku’alofa

A sure-fire way to make sure your transportation is “adult-only” in Nuku’alofa is to hire your own vehicle. Rental car depots are available in Nuku’alofa, where you’ll need to obtain a Visitor’s Driver’s License. Check out your options in Nuku’alofa in The Best Car Rentals in Tongatapu.

Learn more about each transport option and more in 7 Ways to Get to Nuku’alofa (& Around Nuku’alofa).

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Nuku’alofa Adult-Only Activities

Nuku’alofa presents a few ways to escape the crowds and simply enjoy a day out with the people you choose (or by yourself). From relaxing spa treatments to exciting sports like scuba diving and sports fishing, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the capital of Tonga with little disturbance from little ones.

Spas in Nuku’alofa

A good way to ensure some “quiet time” is to head to one of the indulgent spas of Nuku’alofa. Island Glow offers a range of island-style facials, massages, body wraps and hands and feet treatments. What’s more, they couldn’t be easier to get to, located in the post office building in the city centre.

Alternatively, try a fusion massage at the Fakafanua Building in Ma’ufanga. Shilmoi Massage Therapy combines “Japanese Zen shiatsu and Polynesian mana of Tongan lomilomi”.

Finally, escape from the hustle and bustle of the city to the Acu-Reflex-Herbal Therapy & Garden Spa in a quiet city suburb. Nestled in garden surroundings, the spa offers acupressure therapy, reflexology therapy, foot spas, sauna baths, facials and herbal remedies.

Find out more in The Best Spas in Nuku’alofa.

Scuba Diving in Nuku’alofa

Although not completely “adult-exclusive”, your group can hire an entire charter boat for a reasonable price in Nuku’alofa due to the small size of the dive boats. Alternatively, you can have a sound mind knowing that children can’t learn to dive until they are at least eight years old or 10 years old with most operators. All in all, your dive boat is extremely unlikely to be full of kids…

As for the experience, Tonga’s underwater world presents many exciting sights for divers! Explore caves created by volcanic activity around Tongatapu, now harbouring coral reefs seen through waters that are crystal clear most of the time. Join operators, such as Blue Water Explorer and Deep Blue Diving for their fantastic dive offerings.

Private Tours of Nuku’alofa & Tongatapu

See the sights of Nuku’alofa and the surrounding islands at your own pace with the people you choose on the private tour with Tonga Travel Troupe. Bespoke tours of the island start from Nuku’alofa, taking you to highlights across Tongatapu, from the Royal Palace in Nuku’alofa to the mysterious Ha’amonga’a Maui stone trilithon. Find out more about Tonga Travel Troupe on Viator and Tripadvisor.

For more adult-only experiences, see the 5 Adult-Only Activities in Nuku’alofa.

The Adult-Only Guide to Nuku’alofa(c)

Nightlife in Nuku’alofa

Tonga’s capital has a vibrant bar scene where Tongans drink with enthusiasm. Whether it’s at the bar or in a kava circle (the latter is typically more for men), there are plenty of ways to experience Tongan nightlight in Nuku’alofa. Note that the bar will often close by 1am Monday-Friday and at 12am on a Saturday.

Bars in Nuku’alofa

Catch the big game or look a the “big game” mounted on the walls of the Billfish Bar & Restaurant, which often becomes alive with live music and DJs later into the night.

Check out the maritime-themed Nauti Ruby’s Bar & Nightclub located at Faua Wharf to drink with the yachties and play a game of pool.

A city-centre bar near the post office building, Reload Bar is a great place to try a Tongan beer and dance the night away.

Learn more about the bars in the city with our 5 Best Bars in Nuku’alofa.


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