5 Best Fishing Charters in Vava'u [2023]© Vava'u Sport Fishing Charters - Tonga Ministry Of Tourism
5 Best Fishing Charters in Vava'u [2023]

The Best Fishing Charters in Vava’u [2024]

© Vava’u Sport Fishing Charters – Tonga Ministry Of Tourism

The Top 3 Fishing Tours in Vava’u

Anglers that discover Vava’u often don’t want to leave, which is the story of most fishing operators that live here! As you jump onboard a charter with one of the islands’ experienced guides, you’ll hear the stories of the amazing billfish fishing and opportunities to catch other giant pelagics of the tropics that made them never want to turn back. Experience the excitement of fishing in Vava’u for yourself by choosing one of these very best fishing charters in Vava’u.

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1. Kiwi Magic

Troll for game fish species with skipper Keith McKee and his local deckhand aboard the Kiwi Magic. The long-established game fishing operator in Vava’u has all the set-up for an awesome day on the water. The boat is a 34 ft Mariner sport fisher with a large fishing cockpit and a shade for sun/rain protection, making for a comfortable day out on the water – note to mention, it also has a toilet on board.  Avid anglers will be pleased to know that the vessel also features a custom-built heavy-duty game fishing chair and heavy tackle, from 60 kg Avet reels to 60 kg Shimano Tiagra bent butt rods.

Meanwhile, the rest of us will also be delighted that a light lunch of noodles, cake, fruit and drinking water is also included. You’ll have the opportunity to take a piece of the catch back to your accommodation if you wish but, needless to say, most of the (usually) mammoth catch goes back with the local deckhand to his village. If you have a good time on the boat with Keith, you might also want to join Kiwi Magic for whale swimming tours during the season. Check out whale tours over at the 10 Best Whale Swim Tours in Vava’u.

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2. Vava’u Sport Fishing Charters

Join the crew of Vava’u Sport Fishing Charters on either the Fighting Lady, a Pelin custom-built 30 ft boat with 8,000 horsepower, or their smaller sport fisher, each fitted out for some serious sport and game fishing. Fighting Lady is designed for two to four anglers, while your skipper/guide has years of experience on Vava’u’s waters, previously operating Blue Marlin Magic. In short, you have the perfect set-up in place to have a stellar experience out on the water. What’s more, all of your standard fishing tackle and refreshments throughout the day are included but serious anglers are encouraged to bring their own lures, jugs and poppers if they prefer.

To make your holiday all about fishing, make it easy by staying at the base of Vava’u Sport Fishing Charters; Billfish Holiday Apartments where trips depart straight from the private jetty. Learn more about the accommodation in the 10 Best Self-Catering Accommodations in Vava’u.

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3. Hakula Lodge

After spending 25 years in Vava’u, the team at Hakula Lodge has a wealth of knowledge about the local hotspots for fishing. Tours depart from Hakula Lodge’s private dock, a short drive south of Neiafu, where you’ll jump onboard Monu’la for a day of targeting GTs, mahimahi, wahoo and Spanish mackerel. Within five minutes of leaving the dock, you’ll be running some small lures for marlin then later setting up three FADs for catching bigger pelagics. The boat has both light and heavy tackle and a chair for taking on the larger game fish. The charter also includes morning tea, lunch and drinking water. Learn more about the lodge in the 10 Best Fishing Resorts in Tonga.

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Based at Lucky’s Beach House at the bottom of ‘Utungake Island, Poppin’s Tonga is renowned for its Giant Trevally fishing. Your guide, Kurt, has more than 15 years GT fishing in Hawaii and 15 years of finding the best GT fishing spots across Vava’u. Tours are on the small boat, Lupo, a Boston Whaler Montauk 17 powered by a Yamaha 60 HP 4-stroke and ideal for two anglers. Poppin’ Tonga offers rates for bareboat fishing charters, as well as fishing charters with all the gear and guidance supplied. Land fishing tours are also available. Learn more about Lucky’s Beach House in the 10 Best Budget Accommodation in Vava’u.

[CLOSED] Blue Marlin Magic

Join a passionate fisherman (and author of a fishing book) on the Blue Marlin Magic. Your skipper, Steve Campbell, has been fishing these waters since 2000 and has pulled in some 2,000 blue marlins and counting. While he’s a blue marlin specialist, you can also target other game species if you like. Blue Marlin Magic operates sustainable fishing practices including the IGFA & TIGFA guidelines and promotes catch and release. The boat, a 34ft Luhrs Sport Fish Convertible, is set up for serious fishing with light and heavy tackle, game chairs, fish boxes, live bait, Rupp outriggers and much more.

More About Fishing Charters in Vava’u

That’s it for our list of best fishing charters in Vava’u. For more fishing experiences across The Kingdom, check out the following:

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