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10 Best Beaches on Tongatapu

10 Best Beaches in Tongatapu

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Tongatapu Beaches You Can’t Miss!

You can’t come to the tropics without feeling the sand between your toes. Although Tongatapu is not exactly home to the most perfect beaches out of Tonga’s 169 island (most of them you’ll find in Ha’apai), it still has a glorious offering. You’ll find most of the beach resorts on the western side of Tongatapu, as well as on the off-shore islands north of Nuku’alofa. On the eastern side, the beaches hold many hidden surprises between caves and stunning coastline. So take a look at some of our top picks for beaches on Tongatapu below! Otherwise, check out the complete list in The Guide to Beaches on Tongatapu.

1. Ha’atafu Beach

One of the most popular beaches on Tongatapu, Ha’atafu Beach Reserve is a clean and sandy beach with a surrounding reef. Enjoy safe swimming and snorkelling at high tide within the beach’s lagoon. The beach is also home to a popular surf break on the reef (for experienced surfers only).

Location: Westside of Tongatapu, Ha’atafu

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2. Keleti Beach

A true hidden gem, Keleti Beach can be accessed via a path through the Keleti Beach Resort. Explore a couple of sandy bays with white sand, rocky coastline to scramble over, and surrounding reefs with blowholes. It’s possible to swim within the lagoon – just don’t go too far out.

Location: South coast of Tongatapu, Keleti Beach Resort

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3. Malinoa Island

One of Tongatapu’s glorious off-shore islands, Malinoa Island is an uninhabited island with surrounding coral and an interesting underwater seascape for snorkelling. White sand goes around the entire perimeter of the island. The island is on the itinerary of some whale swimming tours, as well as snorkelling tours. Learn more in The Best Snorkel & Scuba Dive Tours on Tongatapu.

Location: Off-shore island north of Nuku’alofa

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4. Fefe Ho Loto Beach

One of the most accessible beaches on Tongatapu, Fefe Ho Loto Beach is located south of Fua’amotu village and Fua’amotu International Airport. The beach is a popular swimming beach. Fefe Ho Loto means “listen to your heart”.

Location: Southeast coast of Tongatapu, Fua’amotu

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5. Hufangalupe Beach

Located near the Hufangalupe Cliffs Lookout and Land Bridge, a dirt trail to a lookout of Hufangalupe Beach makes the perfect photo opportunity! There is another faint trail that leads down to the beach, which can be found along the dirt road to the Hufangalupe Cliffs and Land Bridge attraction.

Location: Southeast coast of Tongatapu, near the Hufangalupe Land Bridge & Cliffs Lookout

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6. Kanokupolu Beach

This white sandy beach fronts the Vakaloa Beach Resort and Blue Banana Studios. Enjoy long walks on the beach, don your snorkel mask at high tide, and look out for breaching whales on the horizon between July and October.

Location: Westside of Tongatapu, Kanokupolu

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7. Tau Island

Another gorgeous uninhabited island north of Tongatapu, Tau Island is another island that whale swimming tours and island-hopping tours are likely to take you. The tiny island is lined with a thick sandy beach with a small coconut grove in the centre.

Location: Off-shore island north of Nuku’alofa

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8. Fafa Island

One of the off-shore islands of Tongatapu with an island resort, Fafa Island boasts some glorious beaches. Snorkelling and paddleboarding are particularly good here where some of the surrounding reef is a protected reserve. Learn more about Fafa Island Resort and other resorts on Tongatapu here.

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9. Monotapu Beach

Monotapu Beach boasts soft white sands backed by rocky outcrops and verdant vegetation. The beach can be found on the west side of Tongatapu. With no resort here, you will likely get to enjoy this gem all to yourself.

Location: Westside of Tongatapu, just north of Kala’au and Tsunami Rock

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10. Mu’a Coastline

While not exactly home to a beach, it’s still worth mentioning the mudflats that line the coast of the village of Mu’a. Take a drive along the coastline to see the famous “fishing pigs”! See more fun attractions like this in our 10 Free & Cheap Things To Do on Tongatapu.

Location: Eastside of Tongatapu, Mu’a

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