10 Best Surf Breaks in Vava'u© Pexels
10 Best Surf Breaks in Vava'u

10 Best Surf Breaks in Vava’u

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Where to Surf in Vava’u

Looking for a rather obscure place to surf on the planet? A place that doesn’t even know the meaning of the word “crowds”? Where you’ll either need your own yacht or the boat support services of a remote island resort? Vava’u is your place – a hidden paradise in the South Pacific that very few people get to surf but are so stoked when they finally experience it. As long as you have your own board, suitable reef protection and are willing to boat out to these remote surf breaks, then you’re going to have an epic adventure. Note that you need to be a good intermediate to advanced surfer to enjoy Vava’u’s reef breaks.

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1. Tommas (Ovaka)

Ovaka Island is the unofficial island of surfing in Vava’u, with three amazing surf breaks right off its shores. The closest is Tommas off the southwestern coast of the island. Tommas provides a fairly consistent break atop a reef, best tackled with a southerly swell likely to be experienced in the winter season (November to April). Learn more about the surf seasons in Tonga in The Best Time to Surf in Tonga.

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2. Middles (Ovaka)

The next Ovaka offering is Middles, 1km (0.6 miles) from Tommas in a southeast direction. Like Tommas, Middles is a fairly consistent reef break but is better in a southwesterly swell combined with easterly winds.

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3. Pass (Ovaka)

Finally off Ovaka Island, Pass is a further 2km (1.2 miles) southeast of Middles and also works well in a southwesterly swell. The best wind conditions are from north to northeast. Like all of Vava’u’s reef breaks, beware of the reef, rocks and urchins.

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4. Good From Afar (Foelifuka)

A reef break off Foelifuka Island, where the nearest accommodation is The Beach House, Good From Afar provides another fairly consistent reef break in Vava’u. Hit this break in winter where swells need to be from the south to work, ideally with offshore westerly wind. Learn more about the resorts in Vava’u here.

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5. Taula Left

The next batch of Vava’u surf breaks is nearby the remote island of Taula in the southern reaches of the island group. Taula Left is situated off the northwestern tip of Taula, providing fairly reliable surf conditions in a southwesterly swell and winds from the north-northeast.

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6. Bowling Left

Around 1km (0.6 miles) northeast of Taula Left, Bowling Left offers more semi-reliable surf. The break is best hit when there is a southwesterly swell with east-to-southeast trade winds. In short, hit this break in winter.

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7. Peaking

Ultra-close to Bowling Left, Peaking is another one to check out in the area, also good on a southwesterly swell. Optimal conditions are when the winds are blowing from the east, which is easy to come by in winter.

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8. Oh Right

And just next door to Peaking and Bowling Left is Oh Right. The surf is quite consistent here, but the ideal conditions typically occur in winter when there are a southwestern swell and an east-northeasterly wind.

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9. Drive by Right (Fonua’one’one)

This break sits just off Fonua’one’one island between Taula and Mu’omu’a in the south of Vava’u. Drive by Right is a relatively reliable break where the best wind direction is from the northwest combined with a southerly swell. Yes, another worth checking in winter.

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10. Mu’omu’a (M&Ms)

Finally, just off the southwest coast of Mu’omu’a island is the surf break M&Ms. Hit it when the swell is coming from a southwesterly direct with a northeast wind for the best waves. Otherwise, conditions are relatively reliable.

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