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9 Best Snorkelling Tours in Vava’u

5 Best Snorkelling Tours in Vava’u

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The Top Snorkelling Trips in Vava’u

An exciting arena for snorkelling awaits in the waters of Vava’u! Enjoy vividly clear waters as you swim over vibrant coral reefs, dive into caves and be among huge schools of fish. While snorkelling is available from the beaches of most resorts in Vava’u, it’s worth getting on a boat tour to see some of the snorkelling highlights! See the huge and impressive Swallows’ Cave, dive underwater to reach Mariner’s Cave, and drift above some of Vava’u’s stunning soft Coral Gardens. We go over some of your best options in this list of snorkelling tours in Vava’u!

1. Riki Tiki Tours

Join Riki for a personalised snorkelling tour in Vava’u. Departing from the wharf outside of the Mango Cafe, Riki Tiki Tours offers snorkelling trips to Swallows’ Cave and the Coral Gardens or wherever else you like – he’s a pretty relaxed guy. It’s best to head down to the wharf to book face-to-face (before 9 am or after 4 pm) or with one of the local accommodations when you arrive, as he doesn’t check his emails. Wetsuits and snorkelling gear are included in the tour. Riki operates his tours all year round – even during the whale season!

Location: Tours depart from Fangafoa Marina (near Mango Cafe), Neiafu, ‘Utu Vava’u.

9 Best Snorkelling Tours in Vava’u(c) tongapocketguide.com


2. Hakula Lodge

When they’re not running one of their popular fishing charters, Hakula Lodge takes their guests onboard the Monu’la for scenic cruises and snorkelling. Visit highlights like the Coral Gardens and Swallow’s Cave, which both offer awesome snorkelling as described in The Best Snorkelling in Vava’u: Top 10 Places to Snorkel. You’ll also stop by gorgeous island beaches, such as Port Mourelle on Kapa Island and Nuku Island. Note that you may need to bring your own snorkelling gear, so be sure to inquire first. Plus, learn more about the accommodation in the 10 Best Self-Catering Accommodations in Vava’u.

Location: Tours depart from Hakula Lodge, Toula village just south of Neiafu, ‘Utu Vava’u.

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3. Puataukanave Hotel

Outside of the whale season, which runs from July to October in Vava’u, Puataukanave Hotel runs snorkelling tours. Their snorkelling tours hit the hotspots, like the already mentioned, Swallows’ Cave and Nuku Island, while also taking you to a few “hidden treasures”. They also offer island picnics and the option to do some longline fishing along the way, so be sure to let them know if you want to experience these additions. Snorkelling gear, including wetsuits, can be provided. What’s more, their modern boats are some of the most comfortable on this list, with luxuries like a toilet and shower onboard.

Location: Tours depart from outside Puataukanave Hotel, on the waterfront between the small boat marina and Fangafoa Marina, Neiafu, ‘Utu Vava’u.

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4. Beluga Diving

Providing snorkelling tours exclusively as private charters outside of the whale season, Beluga Diving is worth considering only if your trip meets certain conditions. The whale-watching and dive operator has all the equipment for a comfortable snorkelling experience. All the gear is provided on their boat tours out to their favourite snorkelling spots. Snorkelling trips require a minimum of six to eight paying customers and only operate from November to June.

Location: Tours depart from Fangafoa Marina (near Mango Cafe), Neiafu, ‘Utu Vava’u.

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5. [UPDATE] Explore Vava’u

[Update: Explore Vava’u no longer offers the tour described below. See 10 Best Whale Swim Tours in Vava’u to learn more about their whale swimming tours.]

Based out of the wharf close to the Mango Cafe, as well as the Mandala Resort, Explore Vava’u has a wide range of tours and experiences. Among the offerings are three types of snorkelling tours. Their Caves Snorkel Tour takes you to three different caves found around the islands. Or hop on their standard Snorkel Boat Tour to explore the eastern islands of Vava’u where you can snorkel in calm waters above intriguing reef systems in some of the less-visited areas. Finally, amp up the snorkelling experience with a guided Sea Scooter tour!

More About Snorkelling Tours in Vava’u

That’s it for our list of snorkelling tours in Vava’u. For more underwater experiences around the islands, check out the following:

Finally, if there’s anything we’ve missed, you’re likely to find it in The Complete Travel Guide to Vava’u and The Guide to Snorkelling in Tonga.


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