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What is the Tonga Time Zone?

What is the Tonga Time Zone?

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Everything You Need to Know About the Tonga Time Zone

What is the time zone in Tonga? Well, if you have somehow missed the top widget in Google which tells you the current time in Tonga, then this guide will at least give you a little more depth into the time zone in Tonga!

All of the 170 islands in Tonga follow the same time zone, which is Tonga Time (TOT): an offset of UTC+13. There is no daylight savings time in Tonga.

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When it is 9am in Tonga, it is…

  • 9pm in London previous day
  • 10pm in Frankfurt previous day
  • 4pm in New York previous day
  • 1pm in Los Angeles previous day
  • 5am in Tokyo same day
  • 9am in Auckland same day
  • 7am in Sydney same day
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Time Zone in Tonga

Tonga observes one time zone, which is the following…

Time zone name: Tonga Time
Time zone abbreviation: TOT
Offset: UTC +13
Example city: Nuku’alofa

Notes About the Time Zone in Tonga

All islands in Tonga follow the same time zone. Up to 2017, Tonga used to have two time zones, following daylight savings time. However, this was discontinued in 2018 and Tonga now follows one time zone all year round.

That’s not to say that locals or public transport in Tonga follow schedules or take much notice of the time. Find out more in What is “Tonga Time”? (& What You Need to Know About It).

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Daylight Hours in Tonga

Tonga experiences long days all year round with only about a couple hours of difference in daylight hours between summer and winter.

The average length of daylight in Tonga is 12 hours, with the shortest day usually being around June 21 at around 10.9 hours and the longest day is around December 22 with 13.4 hours.

Sunrise and Sunset in Tonga

The sunrise in Tonga is usually around 6.30am. The earliest the sun rises is in November at around 5:50am and the latest the sun rises is usually at 7:16am during July.

The sunset in Tonga is around 6.30pm. The earliest sunsets happen in June at around 6:08pm and the latest sunsets occur in January at about 7:29pm.

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Countries in the Same Time Zone as Tonga

Not many countries share the same time zone as Tonga. In fact, not many people seem to realise there are offset time zones beyond UTC+12! It means that Tonga is one of the first countries to see the new day each day, making it also one of the first to also celebrate New Year’s Day.

Other Countries in UTC+13

  • Samoa
  • Tokelau
  • Phoenix Islands
  • New Zealand (when on summer time)

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